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sunday 04/10

@pira i would say Reanimate is pretty broken because most cards that have it have decent stats whereas exchange cards usually have low stats so soa hurts them more.

The only reason I could think of was bulk trading large payloads of cards all at once as opposed to manually entering them price and all 1 at a time and to buy each card 1 at a time. If they were on that large of a scheme it probably saved them few hours of mind numbing repetition, but that is like after 20+ accounts.

Personally I miss auctions for entire groups like a whole clan bundle or 1000+copies of Bob Joby

@-LoA-ImpalaSS It's from a couple of weeks ago, not 2019.

Christie over Shann? Shann is amazing, I'm not sure about that one. I think Ambre is better than Mr. Big Duke.

What would your strongest version of Bangers look like?

Crazy Carlo for who? Marina? Or someone else?

Dorian for who?

saturday 03/10

Yes,there’s still problems with earning credits from ads,fix that bug,thanks.

I think its because abbandoning is seen as a way to speed up matches so its allowed (Its annoying when your trying to do missions but Its fine when your just trying to win) but timing out could be used as a way to waste peoples time so its punished more.

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friday 02/10


The elite soldiers
Kapel the science fiction soldier

**New Addition**
The regulars
Sentadown the new generation

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Update to Bangers special ones

Timbo K the new Bangers and violent figther

I'd say that Commoner's idea sounds the most like a Sakrohm big, though I think the stats might be a little different.

My bet would be a 9/6 with -2 Opp Power and Damage, Min 3

With this, the card would be defensive not only in the sense of it having DR, but it would also be able to outpill most cards. Also, only having 6 damage makes it so that 2 HKOs are possible with the other 6 damage cards Sakrohm has, as long as you can dodge DR. This way, it's a very strong card, but still fits in with the clan and doesn't just blow away the competition like Enigma

I landed on bankrupt the other day . I lost all cash i had in my pocket, lost my job, the bank repossesed my car. My wife left me. Just joking, jokes aside you only lose 10k clintz

thursday 01/10

NB packs have always been most profitable. Staff tried putting exclusive cards like griffonmor and enigma in the regular packs to offset this but then they undid it by doing BM missions for nee blood cards. So now NB is king again...

wednesday 30/09

To answer the original post, no. We don't have a single card there. Also, if you can afford to pay 10x market price for the entire collection congratulations you played yourself.

tuesday 29/09

1. Better if the opponent's power will be higher than yours after addition, always
2. Better in low pill battles with attack manipulation even if the opponent's power is lower than yours
3. Better in any battle with attack manipulation if the opponent's power will be equal to or higher than yours
4. Better if the opponent has Protectionsmileyower

So now you see. Is -Power or +Power better? -Power is strong when a card has an ability or bonus that can synergise with it. E.g. attack manip + -power will make a card very strong. Double power reduction is very, very strong like Robb Mt or Aamir. And because of the low min of AS's bonus it is often the best solution against other power reducers like Spyke or Nameko. But is it objectively better? Hellllll no. Both of these bonuses have situations where they are better, and where they are worse. It's crazy to pretend that -power is somehow so much stronger than +power that it justifies nerfing another card's SOB to work half the time only.

Hmm, a higher damage Heartnett? I would prefer just straight SOB. Heartnett is designed after Lamar, so I think a 4* version of Lamar being 6/6 SOB makes more sense than a 6/7 reprisal:SOB. But again this is just a theoretical thread so its individual preference.

Many have been around since the beginning. I have over 10 years invested at this point and no intention of going anywhere as long as the game is around

monday 28/09

I used Random.org to pick the 4 winning post numbers.
Here are the results of the four lucky winners of a Skullface Cr !!!
Post #26 – my post (doesn’t count of course)
Post #67 - Yaztik
Post #77 - Snazzy-WMD
Post #36 - VG_Duffman
Post #31 - nameless__

Thank you all for participating and hopefully I’ll get to do another give away like this again real soon!!

sunday 27/09

Lol Jackpot is a joke to everyone. Damn BM missionsmiley

saturday 26/09

I have lots of fun playing Dominion mono. They have such a mix of early round cards and late round finishers. Its always an enjoyable match when you manage to win in the first two rounds as your opponents expect you to delay until rounds 3 and 4.

Its complete RNG, deal with your luck.

Agreed. It might stop many players from buying cards.

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