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thursday 18/03

Yes, I remember. smiley And it also linked Dan every time in our Dutch forum. smiley

What caused this? It seems like it began with the Black Market but I took about a year off so I missed whatever might have happened.

tuesday 16/03

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Okay cuz I'm OCD, I decided to manually count the # of collectors I got that cost 40mil or more (ended up being the 36 most expensive Crs so a little more than the top quarter):

6 #Guru Cr, 8 Kiki Cr, 4 Pandemos Cr, 6 #Volkan Cr, 7 Jackie Cr, 7 Lady Ametia Cr, 1 Caelus Cr, 4 Vickie Cr, 13 Marlysa Cr, 6 Splata Cr, 6 Marshal Cr, 7 Maana Cercei Cr, 5 Merweiss Cr, 5 Behemoth Cr, 5 Kalindra Cr, 5 Tessa Cr, 4 Lamar Cr, 7 B Mappe Cr, 2 Aldebaran Cr, 4 Copper Cr, 8 Elya Cr, 9 Sum Sam Cr, 4 Miss Twice Cr, 2 Mona Cr, 3 Thaumaturge Cr, 1 Nahi Cr, 8 Xantiax Robb Cr, 5 Ombre Cr, 3 Noctezuma Cr, 2 Emeth Cr, 0 Uranus Cr, 3 Veenyle Cr, 8 Yayoi Cr, 1 Blaaster Cr, 3 Charlie Cr, 2 Marco Cr

I won't be doing that for every Cr since I don't have an easy and quick way to count up all my collectors, but it does seem that the Big 5 2x droprate (or as it seems just $$$ collectors in general) was pretty significant since the fewest I got of $$$ Crs was 4 (Pandemos Cr, Vickie Cr, and Lamar Cr) while for non-$$$ Crs, I actually got 0 Uranus Cr (not confirmed but seems highly unlikely she's $$$ if I got none in 495 packs) and only 1 each of Caelus Cr, Nahi Cr, and Blaaster Cr (all $$).

All in all, I've got 882 tickets now (387 from before + 495 from current crypto ticket deal) and my collection value has gone up by nearly 30bil so I'm very happy with this huge payoff for hoarding smiley

1.803M cc saved before BM/Promo. Had one card for BM so traded a General, a C. Jo, and 400M clintz for 2nd. to get an extra 550K cc.

I got 523 packs in the end. I hoard tickets as well. So atm with wheeling, I have 573 tickets.

Lets just say I am sett for a great mega HH coming up! No Problems!

monday 15/03

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Yeah that's it I guess, Season 7 isn't in that tab and Bapho Ld like we all said is there in Season 6

Thanks smiley

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#guru cr has a 60x boost just a fyi

Can someone help me to get 1x or 2x X-Panse? This way I could finish remaining Carmine's missions. I can offer many high value cards and 925 million clintz. Send me message if you can help! Thanks.

Normal cards turn cr, cr turn mythic, that's how it goes. but some of these cards I don't see them changing status anytime soon (maybe ever) and why I think that:
First card think will stay cr forever is B Mappe cr. The reason I think that is he was released as a "tribute" card for France winning the world championship in 20-something (don't know i don't watch ballet on grass)
Berserkgirl cr, Ras cr and Kiki Cr. These 3 cards all have a normal version with better/worst stats, making it seem so that these 3 characters are still in CC. So the normals might chance status the CRs are here to stay cr. (this might be the only time when cards got from normal to mt, to avoid confusion with 2 same-name crs.)
marshall cr and Dakota cr. They are ghosts, so unless they find piece in the afterlife, they will not turn mt. After all Judge Lynch calls the shots in Ghostown and everybody there is guilty in his book.
Leaders and Oculus don't need explanation.

Any other cards you think will stay their current status and why, comment bellow

The wheel is the only reason there's a constant flow of commons to be snapped up at 100k by speculators. Without the wheel the price of good commons would probably be much higher

sunday 14/03

Thanks for the advice

saturday 13/03

But after Vryer... I do think they'll pick some obvious ones.
I hope they keep doing 50/50 between deserved expected characters and out of left field ones. It's the best way to please everyone's expectations, same reasoning as i gave for Bryan/Ryujin collector release.

friday 12/03

Go to where Martian posted!smiley

thursday 11/03

Boyle: exists as a representative of the Motorcycle gang "Hell's Angles"

Darril: based on Issac Washington from the Love Boat

Drummond: based on the character Henry Drummond from the play Inherit the Wind

Esther: based on the killer from the horror movie Orphan

Fraser: based on Lemmy, the late singer and guitarist of Motorhead

Gemmz: based on the cartoon singer Jem, and Alissa White-Gluz, the singer for the metal band Arch Enemy

Jeffrey: based on Jeff Bridges in the movie Big Lebowski

Melanie: Based on Melanie Griffith in the movie Working Girl

Misery: Based on Annie Wilks, the main antagonist in the Stephen King story Misery

Vivian: based on Julia Roberts character Vivian Ward in the movie Pretty Woman

Wagner: based on Christian Lorenz from the band Rammstein, Marilyn Manson (according to the artist) and composer Richard Wagner

wednesday 10/03

Thanks for the valuable input!

tuesday 09/03

Olga is not based on some famous female athlete?

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