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wednesday 10/03

tuesday 09/03

Olga is not based on some famous female athlete?

monday 08/03

So Saga puts out a BM celebrating Womans Day........ which is very lackluster.
I would think if you are going to celebrate Women you should make it grandioso.

Here is a breakdown of the last 5 BMs, separated by gender of the card:

278/ 20 Enevia = 40 rares. Le 04/03/2021 - meh
279/ 90 Graziella = 2m cash. Le 04/03/2021 - meh
282/ 10 Noctezumama = 60M Clintz. Le 08/03/2021(women's day) - meh

280/ 5 Jack Legrand = 520k crypto Le 06/03/21 - 5 common men worth 520,000 crypto!!!
281/ 2 Borss = 1 Memento Le 07/03/21 - 2 common men worth a 500M card (price of Memento at the time)

I'm sure your intention wasn't to show us that men are much more valuable than women but that's what the numbers suggest.
Time to redeem yourself Saga
Now show us how important women REALLY are smiley

friday 05/03


Torrance Twins moved from Freaks staff moved to freaks show

#Torance Twins the new freaks stars and killing twin Dolls

And oogy boogy didn't have a Ball and chain

Nice! And then, Vassilli almost kill Kerry Cr and start the Rescue story arc.

thursday 04/03

@Babs Hartley I saw you mention this before in the other thread and like the others said, it's not true at all, just look at Bryan Cr who was a rare before he went Cr and now is $$ or Valhala Cr who is also rare and now $. Staff determined the groups a long time ago and just haven't updated them which is why some cards feel out of place. Idk why you keep on trying to bring up that the groups are connected to their rarity when it's just going to mislead peoplesmiley

Sandro Cr: Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog

Please forgive my typo with Sando....

wednesday 03/03

You should play it, it's the best one imo.

Check the box off and then check save my market filters before leaving the page

You can get it if you win a round with him. Imo it's more distinguishable than kate

tuesday 02/03

This thread will be dedicated to pointing out what the characters of the Dominion clan are based on.

Death Adder: Death Adder from Golden Ax, Mumm-Ra from Thundercats, and Skeletor from Masters of the Universe

Valhala Cr: She-Ra from Masters of the Universe

#Ax Battler: Ax Battler from Golden Ax and He-Man from Masters of the Universe

Wilo Ld: Trolls toyline

Peeps: Bo Peep from Toy Story

Dookor: Two-Bad from Masters of the Universe

Death Wing: Death Wing from World of Warcraft and borax slime

Boglin: Monster head Stress Balls (hard to pin down the exact name)

Sata: Hexbugs toy line

Pudge: Stiches/Pudge from World of Warcraft/Heroes of the Storm/DOTA

Orka: Scream from Marvel comics

Iguan: Lizard-Man from Soul Caliber

Hydra: the hydra from Greek Mythology (obviously)

Genmaicha: Ryze from League of Legends

Frogo: Frog from Chrono Trigger

Bugamon: Tentomon from Digimon

Nidory: Sauron from Lord of the Rings and Mordkaiser from League of Legends

Kresh: Shrek and Donkey from Shrek

Kaboom: Ziggs from League of Legends

BroKen: Ken from Barbie, put through a microwave (hilarious!)

Babe: Babe from the 1995 movie Babe....

Artax: Artax from Neverending Story

Ardwizz: Vivi from Final Fantasy 9 and Orko from Masters of the Universe

I think itd be cool if they jsut took all the high rarity FR cards that havnt shown up here yet, and put them in their own clan. call it Rhynn, or just Rivals.
Their story would be that they want to find a way to rebuild Rhynn.

@Candy Cr: The original Big5: DJ Korr Mt, General Mt, Lyse Teria Mt, #Guru Cr, Kiki Cr
So far they are going MT one per a year. One would say that for this year we are done and one will go MT in 2022 and the other one in 2023, but with the current cadency (which is kinda ridiculous, but I understand that staff needs to keep us excited) I think that both of them will be MT by the end of 2022.

monday 01/03

What I meant here is that, when ,you view a card, there should be lika character history, where how many have you sold to kate or others already or how much you purchased this before way back those yrs

Refer to the pinned thread Collectors ($/$$/$$$) Just note that the list still hasn't corrected Valhala Cr to $ and Ryujin Cr to $$

sunday 28/02

The pack is put on offer by the admins. Its normal price is 6k but the admins can decrease it for a bit.

Theres no schedual and all Crs can allways be won in the pack.

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Saga mentioned earlier that Yayoi Cr will be the next one who gets re-design soon, so my guess is #Yayoi Mt.
Anyway, Kerozinn Mt could use a new design as well.

saturday 27/02

LOL, why not Chinese use apple phone? if u check carefully at the back of each iphone, quite a number of them shall state "Assembled in China"smiley

I might look for other methods of ipa installation

Anyway thanks a lot, Arckenemia~

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