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friday 11/09

Got Kenny's best friend, Mr. Alec! smiley

wednesday 09/09

It’s gotta he one of the older clans with fewer collectors for sure,and you gotta assume that spot goes to a clan like the roots,because while other clans have useless garbage in their ranks there’s at least some worth,but the roots are just rife with it and will be a clan who’s never gonna be a hot choice for packs because of that.

Them and pussycats,maybe followed by the nightmare and uppers...you have to really see what’s in the clans currently to come to a true conclusion and find the cards that aren’t even useful for their art.

That’s where your true answer lies,in my opinion.

sunday 06/09

I appreciate your well reasoned response and I agree.

Can UR be divided into leagues? Can UR ensure that the OP cards don’t make it into those lower leagues?

The problem with leagues will be people cheating, so the final fix would have to address that.

With that 'sleeve' feature, the first thing I thought of is to use it on 2 Enigma lolsmiley

saturday 05/09

Yes, color is for the classes/specialisations the skeelz have, not their year.

friday 04/09

Freaks Attractions:
Merrick the man-ambomanation

***Clan Management*** Lyse Teria Mt: Operations Mastermind

***Casino Operations*** #Mattacchione: Croupier

I am terrible at these... I got 9... smiley

And that's including the two I knew, but couldn't spell... (so I technically only got 7...)

UR market has been mess for ages and there is no way to un-mess it without serious consequences. Unless whole mess was foreseen - which it definately was not because people behind UR are not economy experts.

The way UR fell into its current situation will define how it TRIES to struggle away. What I know from the sure from gamemakers is that they are always afraid to make the EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT solutions. Rather, they do gimmicks without addressing the real problems.

Market won't be fixed. Ever. Any way. It's simply too dramatic process and involves either dumbing down the trading (artificial limiting) or removing the whole market or making "people's approach" aka giving everything to everybody. None of these will happen.

We will see whizzbang X.Y.Z that will tilt the way market is played but the core of the market play will stay the same. There is no reason why investors with high amouunt of desired cards would suddenly go totally dumb.

Prize crash will affect relative prices, but thats where it ends. Relative prizes are dictated by card ownership because cards turn to whatever value is used, cards = power to steer the market.

My bet is they learned nothing from the past.

tuesday 01/09

sunday 30/08

So that's the whole list. Move rankings down to accommodate Hive and Pussycats for the real numeric rankings. This is my personal opinion and may not reflect your position on the how the bonuses stack up. Thank you for taking the time to read

Riskxfighter - Yesterday at 13:11
Guru - Casual Grind

Wait... is it Dianzi at Lvl 3 with his shoes? o.o

WINNER !!!!!! IT IS INDEED Dianzi lVL 3!!! WELL DONE !!!


Also, forgot you can check rewards from the notification email from Kate.

friday 28/08

You should do per clans and maybe MCQ multiple choices question like whats their name, how many stars does the card have etc.

monday 24/08

1) All non-MT cards are easier to obtain (Crypto obviousy for the CR's), MT's are currently nearly unpayable & overpriced, especially the high-end ones.
2) No. Just no
3) No, Black market speculation created some kind of paranoia under big investors, which lead to all cards being way overpriced and some just unpayable.
4) Yes, The wheel is the only thing to counter to BM, unfortunately it isn't enough to keep a proper balance smiley
5) Not really, i only spin more now for stream content (Shameless advertising: https://www.twitch.tv/kevinafca94)
6) I always will enjoy UR, but things like recent actions where thing went wrong, like mistakes with Griffonmor/MT-Bot, without it even being adressed, are making it more difficult.

sunday 23/08

Yea sorry i did not mean to slander Hoa.

saturday 22/08

...BUT, to start getting infinite free money you still need a starting capital of a couple mil. Which new players may have trouble getting, i'm not sure how generous early game is nowadays.
I usually groan at people heralding the end of UR. They've been whining about various things for years, yet our favorite collecting game keeps soldiering on just fine. But right now i have to say: the economy is screwed beyond belief, and a huge crash is incoming. If this inflation reaches its logical extreme, where 500K spent on the wheel will result in a heap of cards worth double this initial investment value - then who will buy packs? So whether the situation will go on for a little while longer and destroy the economy naturally, or the devs work up a solution and reboot the market on new terms - either way we are in for a huge shitstorm with hundreds of pissed off people.

Please, Saga, talk to an actual economist or something, and work out a way to fix this. Playing the market is the most interesting and unique feature of this game for a whole lot of people and right now it's not in a good place. And the rewards for playing the gamemodes or completing missions seem laughably insignificant by comparison. I want this game to be healthy. And i'm really sorry in advance for tons of hate and death threats you will inevitably get for nerfing the wheel payouts, or removing the jackpot, or denominating clintz by 10, or whatever other tough decision you will have to make.

I'm still waiting for another doable MT reward BM mission.

All the 100m rewards have inflated MT worth way too much and they need to crash again

When Covid lockdowns started, I started playing UR again, like literally playing the game. When BM missions got out of hand, I stopped. This is just too much now its getting silly.

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