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friday 21/08

Reddit is not a friendly place generally lol

Update to the special force:

Kastagnard the demostration controller

It can happen that 2 BM missions are active at a given time, could be 1, could be none. As for the time they appear, there are no specific times. Totally random.

thursday 20/08

I told in other forums, bot is spinning wheel after every win, it takes time to spin 10 times, so the bot is late for every fightsmiley

wednesday 19/08

That is, all the bots hit the arcade at night?

monday 17/08

It happens every so often and usually around the same time we get new mythics. The most current list (minus Ielena Mt) came in effect once Ongh Mt ascended to the highest rarity.

You get 80 Crypto from that mission thou, just in case anyone is doing for the reward.

sunday 16/08

NO penalty for forfeit in EFC. Forfeiting lost battles is the accepted norm in efc, saves everyone time & prevents semi-evos leveling up faster than users need them to, why penalise that?

IF you want to play battles only to grind to get spins on the wheel & not for the satisfaction of getting a good score, don't play efc

Newer clans seem better for newer players since they are stronger than older ones. But you can do great with older clans also since they have powerhouses but not too much anymore unlike before. Mono Rescue with Macro, Alec and Kerry crazy synergy.

If you are dead new better base clan choices on what appears in your packs since most likely you have limited choices. Unless you get like expensive as hell rares or uncommons to sell and just go arcade and play each mission and you can choose which playstyle will suit you in the long run.

Lol I got a Lao for a tripple $ threat the other day too smiley

saturday 15/08

People won't call him a weakling.

Are there no new missions this week or am I missing something? smiley

friday 14/08

@Gnar where did you hear the 17th? The dates I posted earlier came directly from Saga in the Griffimor thread. Did he say otherwise elsewhere?

thursday 13/08

I think eventually every clan will get a second big

Jungo just got theirs. They were missing a new strong offensive card after ongh became Mt

Riots was missing a defensive card after Pericles Mt and got merweiss

Long term the wheel is good source of clintz, 100% worth doing the mission and holding out for a promo.

You can edit your own comments even on facebook and instagram

wednesday 12/08

@Coco: nah, you can sell whatever level. It was some kind of bug.

It is solved now smiley

tuesday 11/08

Considering the launch of a new Titan ....

It would be good if some (special) cards activate their bonus not only by sharing a deck with a card from the same clan but also by sharing a deck with a strongly related card.

For example:
- Lizbeth Mt on a Komboka deck activates her bonus (cancel bonus) if she comes out in the same hand with Volkan Cr.
-Mkali could be part of both a Ghostown and a Komboka monoclan.
- The three titans

That way the lore would take more relevance and open the game to new combinations of decks.

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