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friday 08/12/2006

Celdin, Bode and whoever else: It's not a problem for consideration.
Impact is always just the same when both characters have not any abilities and bonuses, dontcha think? smiley
Doesnt matter what is cancelled or not...

I hav

vermen N almost 4 star

kinjo 3 star

sai san 3 star

linth 3 star

zodiack 3 star

melluzine 3 star

josh 3 star

ice jim 3 star

tell me a stratigies with them

wednesday 06/12/2006

Wow, thats very interesting CKANE, how about this, since i have a pair of Malmoth, should i pair my Crystal and save for a pair of Keanu? and why is Otakool soo expensive?

tuesday 05/12/2006

Ashigaru does suck though, i agree with you there bill

And vermyn...

Ahihi bonus dapat...ayan may wee lee saved ka clintz for nanook gabrielle and ice jim or tanaereva

monday 04/12/2006

Thanks guys, hehe! smiley

Very bad deck, if you draw only card like chloe and the rest are other things..
anyway it sucks..

sunday 03/12/2006

U can buy creditz right?since allstars are the cheapest around of the clans buy them all....tell me when ur done smiley

friday 01/12/2006

Level up fast and try to finihs the fight by the 3rd round, hehe, works for me all the time!

thursday 30/11/2006

I well fight im not scared im strong and mighty hahahahahahhahahasmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

U get more pillz playing EVO --> everytime a card of your gain a lvl u get a boinus exp

mostly u can play OLD --> u and your adversary dont use any pillz winner usually gets 40-50 exp (or 23-30 during tornament)

tuesday 28/11/2006

Haha yeah lots of luck try sentinels

monday 27/11/2006

My best advice for u is to win tourneys if u cant like me u can just participate and get like 100 pts during a tournament in this rate u can have a 1 credit per 1 tournament do it everyday like me and u can get boosters... i advice u buying action pack

saturday 25/11/2006

For example, when I have nanook with bonus:
8 power 2 from bonus* 5 1 pillz= 60 Attack.

friday 24/11/2006

Lay in "Evo"
By DA-Soulkiller

You may have already notice that some players add EVO to their nicknames. It shows that they are playing in the EVO way. There's nothing complicated about it but it's very useful to know what it means.

Back in the days of Clint 1, less experience was awarded to the characters for each game, but there was no deck so we were able to build team of 4 characters including 2 high levels characters and 2 characters to level up. Playing EVO meant that the first player would send first its max. levelled character, with only one Pillz while the opponent would select a character he wishes to level up and play 6 Pillz, and so on. When everything was going right, each player ended up with 2 winning characters getting loads of experience (as their wins had come against max. level characters) and everybody was happy.

Nowadays, the basics principles remains the same even though the addition of the deck, makes it a little more difficult to draw exactly 2 characters you want to level up and 2 that are already evolved. The idea is to play first a character you want to level up with 6 Pillz, then 1 pillz, then again a character with 6 Pillz and finally, 1 Pillz. The first to play the battle will play the first character to evolve. If everything goes right, both players will see their characters gain a lot of experience.

Of course, sometimes, both players decides to play the character they want to level up at the same time, with 6 Pillz, and it's not always easy to know who will be the "gentleman" for the next round. The idea is to stay cool, if something goes wrong, finish the game and challenge again your opponent afterward.

There it is, I hope this will help you understand us a little better.

If you don't like the EVO way of playing, just avoid, when you meet one of us, to crush him in one round because we're such easy targets. Maybe one day you too will want to accelerate the levelling of your characters.

Good game to everyone.

Sorry don't have any double lamars

I think it's the attack. The one with more attack attacks first. In case of a draw, priority goes to who's turn it is.

Just a thought... I could be wrong. smiley

thursday 23/11/2006

They are going to, once the Pussycats have been taken care of the admins are planning on moving on the Uppers

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