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Good reward.. totally worth the wait

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@mr bong along that is, respectively, some of us

Do physical cards come with the square one. like how many cards?

Good luck selling

STRIKER IS IN!!!!smiley

In first post is link

Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


Got him in a free fight

Prediction for tommorow new blood

All Star




wednesday 12/05

Oh, thanks ADubs. smiley That's very useful information indeed! smiley

monday 10/05

However, this could do away with the money spent in the clintz wheel, I forgot to consider it...

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Well, at least Phalloide LD does not do straight up 7 damage now. Not sure if I like Bonnie Ld better now, she was useful and not OP. And some, like Eeok Ld deserve bit more love, almost no one use it.

saturday 08/05

wednesday 05/05

A Coliseum for Majestic but without Freaks, ok...

sunday 02/05

@Arcknemia They probably used the fact that he's not an amazing card on average as reasoning not to ban him, but yeah, he's not healthy for the game mode imo. Feels bad when you go against an opponent who hit the nuts with him smiley

friday 30/04

Carlos is still Carlos he isnt even named as Carlos Cr hope they change it before he goes MT

That’s true his May month special release instead of two new oculus

thursday 29/04

And paradox?

monday 26/04

I see, so essentially somewhere between 8-9 AM France time on the given date so 11PM-12AM my time, I'll look out for it at that time smiley

saturday 24/04

Mythics have been the new collectors for ages tbf. Collectors you can literally get in a pack

friday 16/04

Do cards get announced on Insta before here? They're already announced there for at least 5 minutes, but I don't see the in-game post here yet smiley

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