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Its not a bug, but...
When we are finished to play in one mode and go for main menu, game always going back again in the previous game mode. I really hate it. And it takes at least 5 sec.

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In first post is link

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Quickbattle is unavailable? fix it pls

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Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


0001.txt – All the sources concur, the Eye is indeed the God of Corruption and is headed for our world. I must at all costs create a parallel world, a virtual Clint City that it cannot access!

0416.txt – Nega D has been corrupted... I can only see two possible reasons for this failure. Either the Eye has managed to penetrate the system by itself, which means it’s invincible, or it’s received help from somebody else. And yet, I’ve only spoken about this project to the other Leaders…

0601.txt – This discovery could turn everything on its head! People have managed to survive the Eye! Rhynn is a miracle… By finding out how they survived, I could perhaps come up with an antidote!

0622.txt – The tests are conclusive and the data transfer can begin! Merweiss will enter our world, but his days are numbered. The interference is becoming stronger and stronger. He must return one day in the machine…

0649.txt – He escaped nearly a week ago, and now he’s asking me to liberate his automats so he can defend himself against his enemies… He’s a sinister character, but I don’t have any other choice: if he dies, all will be lost!

0666.txt – Time has run out. Merweiss must go back to the machine, but I’m relieved: I’ve found a substitute for him, a survivor from the underground passages of Rhynn… All hope is not lost.

Merweiss has now turned COLLECTOR and is back in the Market! But he will only be available in the COLLECTOR pack in exchange for CRyptos! So, you’ll need to get fighting if you want to earn some! Happy gaming to you all!

Sometimes on mobile you can't even hit the retry button at all.smileysmiley



Can someone share what the best card combo at current elo?

tuesday 03/12

Hey Saga any chance that all stars is getting their new leader this year? Or atleast a new card. Because my bois and girls needs a new teamate

Congrats, Mr_NoLove. smiley

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There was an iOS general update that I haven’t noticed. Doing that fixed every thing... only issue I see now is I can’t turn off the feature where it vibrates when the opponent hits you. I tried everything this time. Settings in game and on the phone main as well.

friday 29/11

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A lot of problems with the match search engine.. it’s really bad and I will stop playing if it is not repaired

wednesday 27/11

Yes, sure. But this is still only a year. A pretty small section imho that only covers some fluctuation.

tuesday 26/11

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Who in their right mind would sell an Mt to Kate??? smiley

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Aldo, the drop in Miss Calamity's price. Lol...smiley

monday 25/11

@batdut5: After three pages...
It's totally clear that you just don't WANT to get the point. That's the only reason why you don't get it. smileysmiley

Please confirm this event still going Or not?

saturday 23/11

tuesday 19/11

Caelus Cr is weak to a fair share of different clans and abilities, being All Stars, Every Attack manipulation, Protection power and Cancel Power modification, Exchange damage, Equalizer - or +attack, the stupid hedgehog from Riots, 9 power cards are also good.
I'm positive he's not OP in the current meta.

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