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MrSaber > "see my rewards" in the notif from Kate

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The change to 2 weeks will be better for new players. Making a strong first impression is important, and if someone starts the game during week 3 of the EFC season, they have no chance of getting anywhere respectable. This gives new players a faster chance to get ranked, and not feel as though they need to make a huge commitment to something they are just trying.

And for us old hats, we will play regardless.

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Girls are welcomed smiley

Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


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Both are about the special char. And reading helps sometimes. smileysmiley

So many cards have become banned from EFC that it should be renamed to the WCFC (weak card fighting championship)


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K - being able to save matches as text and replay them in a simulator

sunday 10/11

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Hello sisters

I'm Law

saturday 09/11

Hello Clintizens!

Thank you very much for your feedback and response on the 2019 Halloween edition of Clint City News! Now you can download the issue, and the FR and ES translations, in this link:

Brace yourselves, winter is coming and along the Christmas! The next Clint City News issue brings a lot of surprises and thrills!

Have fun,
CCN staff

monday 04/11

Redfield sounds great on paper a potential 9/10, but the odds of that happening would be low in most cases you will have rounds vs 2-4 stars usually cancels, exchange, soa, +life or drs
a 8/7 with a good ability would be worth so much more in the 5 star slot that I believe senitials really need with their best 3 5 stars banned in most modes

sunday 03/11

Oh, wait. I believe that's Kate from the last comic. She's not exactly a character. She's kinda the game's mascot but she's not an actual card.

saturday 02/11

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So since Miss Calamity is not in NB packs I hafta assume she's an exclusive rare only available in elite, titanium, and armageddon packs. Can anyone confirm this?

That leaves GhosTown with a whopping 5 exclusive rares, dominion with 2 and a few others with 1 apiece. Why the disparity?? smiley

thursday 31/10

I can confirm that where I am in Singapore GMT+8, when I checked around 4PM, The timer said there was only less than 2 hours left.
Something such as: 01:59:00 Remaining. It seems to matches up with what Thoazol said about local time 6PM being the countdown ending.
As it is past 6PM in Singapore, the timer naturally says 00:00:00 left.

However for some reason I can still do the missions. I'm doing Earl's one right now.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr thursday 31/10, 18:29

sunday 27/10

I can see what your getting at, but i still don't agree. This mode is based on luck and therefore it's only the skill of each player there decides the outcome. Therefore the prizes and the way the mode work is fine as it's

saturday 26/10

I still yet to recieve my credits? Help anyone

wednesday 23/10

This should be the third time this exact same offer with those 3 cards appeared, if I remember correctly.
And also the third time, people ask if they probably go Cr. smileysmiley

tuesday 22/10

Man oh man, someone must have really hurt you! smiley

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