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tuesday 25/08


saturday 22/08

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So unfair that the bot was active during one time of the day instead of it being random.

friday 21/08

My top 3 is exactly the same as poll's top 3 atm.

thursday 20/08

For 8 wins 1 200 crypto, 36 000 clintz 2 uncommons and 2 commons.

friday 14/08

hot logo UR 62 messages

Did someone forget about lelena?
When she will be available in market?

tuesday 11/08

1 Scarlett mt and you could buy every common card 100 times. Hyperinflation in urban rivals is crazy

monday 10/08

We have all been there hiphoppa haha smiley

Why isn't the rewards for this season handed out? smiley

sunday 09/08

More Nightmare

Would love old potato title haha

friday 07/08

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tuesday 04/08

Oc to part of the newest version of war system and had a bad experience

we was expecting to have more equal mission to our opponents but got a mission saying win 506 fight with six pillz left vs our opponents mission saying qwin 46 fight with six pillz left. All the mission was like that.

I was first of all lost 2.5m for loosing the war. Then we had to pay around 2,5 to 2.7 more clintz to get all the levels on each of our bonuses back. The system to around 3-4 of each of our levels and gave us 111111k in reward clintz for particapaiting in a war battle.

We aren't really using the bank system. We bought some paradox, so that everyone in the club had a chance of using them

thursday 30/07

200k? lol, every NB release has cards more expensive than that.

monday 27/07

They dont change drop rates out of the blue like that. You were ether lucky with the first one, unlucky with the second or a bit of both.

friday 24/07

How is he useless? 7 powered 2 star with the huracan bonus that can deal up to 5 damage? Sure his ability is conditional, but still...

wednesday 22/07

Thats ok, Thank you for the ticket.

@ Zero_01 - 95% times they come out between 3-4am EST when all Americans (except me) are sleeping smiley

hot logo UR 62 messages

Almost 4k participated to this poll, thanks a lot !!

tuesday 21/07

Yeah mods actually gave me a relief on banning that dude who scammed me, I was so mad so im sorry if I hurt someones feelings

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