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friday 06/04/2007

Jericho, the issue of banning has been already debated, and voted.

Tanaereva is a good (very good) in both offense and defense, making him too strong.
Hikiyousan is a level 5, he is strong, but he can be stopped, it's a HUGE difference.

Good fights!

thursday 05/04/2007

Yeah but it is all about fang pi clang

sunday 01/04/2007

As voted, tanaereva and wee lee have been removed from the elo mode.
They might come back in the future!

Good games everyone.

friday 23/03/2007

If you want neither... then you play regular mode. ELO mode is meant for stratedgists who want a fun balanced game that favors players who build and play smartly instead of just spending the most money on the most over powered cards. My guess is the majority of people who are voting against having stats changed are people who don't even play ELO mode but play regular and don't want their powerful regular cards getting weakened so that the ELO players have more options. Its a shame it looks like ELO mode is going to suffer because regular mode is more popular, but I understand their point of view, they spent alot of money on those cards, they don't ELO so they don't care if they're banned there, they just want them to continue to be ridiculously amazing in regular.

Continuing the other subject I would LOVE if once card was max leveled you could pay a small ctz fee to "advanced level" it which would allow you to choose which level of it to use whenever adding it to a deck.

monday 19/03/2007

How much forsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

YA i had 2 marlysasmiley

friday 09/03/2007

Note, xtc-m4n cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits

sunday 04/03/2007

saturday 03/03/2007

My clan symbol is better than yours
plus 1 power leadersmiley
how about a leader that shows you how many pills your opponent used when they go first in the round (but count fury with pillz so you don't know if they used fury or not when they use 3 or more pillz)smiley

monday 26/02/2007

I get it, THIS IS AWESOME!!! sorry for the first comment, thought you were imitating the real DR. IDO smiley

ALL OF THEM JP....if they cheaper lap them up lol go buy buy buy thats what im doing i already have 5 Ombre's and like 6 Jim's

sunday 25/02/2007

If you have an issue, please use customer support, as we cannot follow what is request in the forum.
All request are answered, and if you have a problem with non-received codes, we will track them down.

saturday 24/02/2007

What about me and my m8 all made an account and we all got the same cards!!!smileysmiley

thursday 22/02/2007

Yippi Ka Yee! Hopefully in the future i dont loose 21 point in tournament cause the rest 2 minit happening nothing,and my battle out of tournament time!smiley
Thanks anyways! GG!smiley

wednesday 21/02/2007

Almost there.. should be up for tonight's big rush!

sunday 18/02/2007

Yes it's a good step but in 1-2 months they probabily make a poll and decide to ban it from ELO smileysmileysmiley

wednesday 14/02/2007

I thimk the admin should contact admin from other browser games like ogame or vendetta and ask them how to make payments from sms and cash

monday 12/02/2007

This is a great change. Keep it up.

friday 09/02/2007

I thinck that is wrong you shuold leave them alonesmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 05/02/2007

Like every news cards set, you have "obvious" powerfull cards and not-so-obvious powerfull cards.
You also have cards that are for the collection part of the game.
Not every card can be powerfull smiley The balance is constantly shifting, so once again, adaptation is key to victory smiley

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