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wednesday 27/09/2006

saturday 23/09/2006

monday 11/09/2006

Ya not pab pritty cool going to the sport look.

friday 08/09/2006

Keep an eye on both newspapers.

saturday 02/09/2006

Methane is so awesomesmiley i wonder how good his evolments are... i hope there not like bunny she turns into a fricken werewolf but shes hot in the first two evolutions

wednesday 30/08/2006

Euh nah, at level 4 he wears a red long heelded shoe as a mask (resembling the beack and the red thing under the beack of a rooster (dont know the english word)) and in his right hand he is wearing an empty bag resembling tail feathers

sunday 27/08/2006

Hey does tht mean tht even people with points below 1000 get clintz and cards hahahaha thts funny

saturday 26/08/2006

*sheepish* oh...

friday 25/08/2006

Seriously think about it, if you someone use 2 lvl 5's in elo that leaves 15 stars to spread out over 6 other cards, if they use one lvl 5 card that leaves 15 stars to spread out over 7 cards, exluding lvl 5 from elo won't matter, because not to many elo players use lvl 5 cards. I think what the clintz staff should think about is a rolling ban list on some of those really good 3 stars and 4 stars. have a ban list that changes every week or every month keeping the elo play fresh and competitive. or ban a gang, that would be intersting too.

friday 11/08/2006

Big news today, every guild now has it's own message board.
Message are NOT validated: they appear immediatly (even if the message doesn't say so.. yet).
Each board is only accessible to the guild members.

monday 07/08/2006

Hello everyone,

Here are the prizes for the August ELO tournament:

1 : Kiki - Armanda - Ndololo
2 - 5 : General - Lyse Teria
6 - 10 : Berserkgirl
11 - 25 : 1 random rare

The list of prizes on the website will update shortly.

sunday 06/08/2006

Nope, but you are not the first one to tell me that. We are looking into it.

saturday 29/07/2006

friday 14/07/2006

monday 10/07/2006

saturday 01/07/2006

It's already started, and i will be working automatically from 1st of each
month, 0h00 to the end of each month, 23h59 smiley
Prizes will change every month!

wednesday 28/06/2006

It's coming back, but until then, there is a little "icon" next to character name in the market that tells you if you got it or not.

monday 26/06/2006

It's a new clan, not for 3-4 days smiley

Good night (evening, morning) everyone!

If you wish, you can now access the french message board (and it's 70000
messages) just by browsing the site in french..

Flavio (Junta) and Ndololo (Roots) will leave the fight next week. Both characters wont'b be available in the packs from the shop starting next monday (july 3rd). Of course, even after this date, the characters will still be playable and tradable.

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