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wednesday 27/05

So no difference between Gold or Bronze? So now we also get points for Cr evolutions?

monday 25/05

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Just putting this here: Spyke Mt had his 25xClintz boost changed. Is this an error? I have not seen any updates from the staff about this.

thursday 21/05

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Because these cards is some of the real old ones. They are over 10 years old and was some of the best pillz card back in their time

wednesday 20/05

Yeah, being able to edit would be awesome, I think that it wouldn't be that hard to implement since mods already have that power.

monday 18/05

Aaaaand now there are new Mythic cards already. Interesting

saturday 16/05

Barden is an ok ban, but mono piranas is still abused in DT T1. Sooko is just too broken, his only counters being SOA and Attack manip(SOB takes care of this). The only reason why not everyone is using mono piranas is because not everybody has the 2 LDs needed to play that deck.

friday 15/05

"Thank you for the interest you are showing for our game.
We will let you know about our decision when the time comes.
Best regards,
Urban Rivals customer support"

Just wanted to let you know that this email is from 5 weeks ago and I still got no answer. No PN. Nothing.
Is this how u keep your word? (Maybe it's just me but I always think: don't do to others what you don't want to be done to you.)
And as a lot of people told me (in the meantime) that they suggested me I really would appreciate some words on why you did behave like that.

Just a few more hours now. I bet the one eyed joker is trash. They need a card that has an asymetry ability...now that would be interesting.

monday 11/05

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No I don't get it and you don't seem to understand what I'm saying smiley

Randall is perfect as he is. Sure 6 power is low but his a 3 star with soa. Soa is the strongest ability in the game. So to make him a 7/5 soa 3 star would be too broke.

There was already "Stronger" cards back when cards like Randall released. Lamar Cr, DJ Korr Cr and so on. So things haven't really changed even if it seems so. The "Stronger" cards have just been made more common for each clan to have.

This whole talk with you is about if Shinobi should be allowed in elo and tbh she shouldn't. She might help bangers a lot. But so does Roderick with All Stars and #Senetenza for GhosTown. But none of those two is allowed in elo because they are two strong just like shinobi

saturday 09/05

I'm actually using Dagostini Ld as a 2 star semi evo right now. Enjoy it while its possible. smiley

friday 08/05

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O https://urban-clintart.fr/ foi fechado?

wednesday 06/05


Does anyone have more Crypto Coins than me smiley

tuesday 05/05

So we agree regina is a big no- no for the clan. Basicly the whole clan does not need good 2 star because there is regina, lets ban jean since he does better job than her. They do not need more good 3 stars because they have new great cards and regina. Now they do not have good 4 stars but there is regina. And lets ban all their 5 stars because they can use regina. Despite the fact that she is indeed a bit weaker kiki cr. Seems a bit sloppy at the moment.
As for lianah ld i meant splash in a bit different way splash cards are used in this game. But as we both agree she is there for the 10 power. Her abbility rarely gives you any good value since your clan does chuck the oponents life a little bit, and if you win your rounds you barely get to even use it.
And the fact that el mariachi is + 14 attack at round one is very dangerous but De4th Ld with power 6 is below average and - 20 attack unconditionally is not. Do not fail to put into the accounts the fact that if you get less value from brawl your oponent s in 50/50 situation where he may lose a bonus on his cards.
As a conclusion the changes of the legendaryes can be summed wth one statement- below average. Or barely any change as it was mentioned.

There should be an algorithm that tracks for a club's activity rather than simply it's member count.
We're having an impossible time of it.

We just kicked about 300 inactives from our Club, so we could participate in Club Wars and it's so uneven and broken. I really hope this mode can be turned into something that's actually fun and not demoralizing, which is what it is now.

It's CRUCIAL that we have the option to accept or deny challenges. We were challenged by an active club who has less than a quarter of the member count that we have and I had no option to deny the challenge. We're wanting to face off against clubs that are our size, so the playing field is more even.

Please, please fix this. It's a mess as it stands now.

saturday 02/05

I agree with @Lux Lux, there's new battle music and I don't see anyone commenting on it, I think there was not even a shoutout about it, but it's awesome!

friday 01/05

I got credits whats the most effective way to pack these guys?

10 more days then we will find out smiley

thursday 30/04

Please bring back the old guild bank system!
It was soooooooo good!

wednesday 29/04

Who here the day the clan is let loose so to speak is making a deck and playing while Skillet's 'circus for a psycho' is playing in the background to get the full effect? If you have a youtube account post your vids there it would make me an immunocomprised 32yr old who is thankful for ACNH a very happy bunny.

tuesday 28/04

From what i heard it is 10M clintz each

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