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thursday 27/10/2016

#fix the chat please

This clan has just been released, and he has just had an LD, 2 rare 5* cards, and a perfect 2* and 3*, so hold on. Some clans waited for their first Ld years.

They want people to buy and spend credits everyday. thats ok and fine.

the question is just what does the revenue they raise buy. if it buys an investment then thats awesome. if it pays the bills, then thats not awesome.

wednesday 26/10/2016

If you look under meep012's channel, there are other channels that made Urban Rivals videos, so the ones listed here are not the only ones. Unfortunately most of them stopped making videos, which kind of sucks. But it might be good to know some of the predecessors that did it before you guys did, to improve on what they did wrong or know what they did right. Not saying myself (shawnredkid) because I made like 20+minute battle videos that probably no one would watch. But I would suggest checking out tharacorleone's (thatgirlwiththecards) and IM-GraveTitan's (shockyplaysgames) videos.

tuesday 25/10/2016

And unlock all the secret missions here the link


yippy your testing the waters witch is the best thing you can do.smiley

Is the app running normally?

sunday 23/10/2016

thursday 20/10/2016

I didn't. Bought credits, too. lol

Just wish staff would answer my question about if we can have an oldskool filter (looks like Old site) for the market, forum threads, and collection/deck. I ask everywhere, but they never tell me. WHAT DID I DO!!!???? lol

My sessionals will end this weekend! wooho! clint grab weekend!!

monday 17/10/2016

Beat hardcore mode with mono Montana:


@mihalll7_UM Thank You, That Does Explain Why They Work Sometimes !!!

Is it possible to add a countdown timer for the coliseum page? I find it hard to know when it's ending based on "Sunday at 16:00"

thursday 13/10/2016

Icarus implying he's a high rated elo player


Why do u wasting time and money for this crap?? Better redraw such cards like Mona. At least they are playable

tuesday 11/10/2016

Also got mine...
Raam + Steve Rb

I got Onik as as a reward for finishing this mission

Protect and Serve
Block 100 damage using Raam

monday 10/10/2016

Can someone borrow me Aegis for mission? Willing to send Mechakolos Cr and Uchtul Cr as collateral. I will return it as soon as i finish the mission.

I think it was a mistake to add the hive characters in the elo format election on their second week in the game

sunday 09/10/2016

Beat Hardcore with mono Montana...

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