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monday 17/10/2016

@mihalll7_UM Thank You, That Does Explain Why They Work Sometimes !!!

Is it possible to add a countdown timer for the coliseum page? I find it hard to know when it's ending based on "Sunday at 16:00"

thursday 13/10/2016

Icarus implying he's a high rated elo player


Why do u wasting time and money for this crap?? Better redraw such cards like Mona. At least they are playable

tuesday 11/10/2016

Also got mine...
Raam + Steve Rb

I got Onik as as a reward for finishing this mission

Protect and Serve
Block 100 damage using Raam

monday 10/10/2016

Can someone borrow me Aegis for mission? Willing to send Mechakolos Cr and Uchtul Cr as collateral. I will return it as soon as i finish the mission.

I think it was a mistake to add the hive characters in the elo format election on their second week in the game

sunday 09/10/2016

Beat Hardcore with mono Montana...

friday 07/10/2016

When clicking on the "characters" page now, it brings you to a screen showing each clan logo and the amount of cards you have in each clan. Compared to bringing you directly to the All Stars card page, having to wait for it to load, then clicking on the guild of your choice, it saves a nice bit of load time. Convenient.

I'm not sure when this was updated but I love it. The only thing is the clan logo's on this page need to be updated to some cleaner models.

thursday 06/10/2016

This 3rd character is being release like this.The first is Brutus then Greendy and now this.
All is 2 star and damage reducer with condition.

wednesday 05/10/2016

Post 49 +100000 Come on guys this is 2016 not 1748.

monday 03/10/2016

Yes when levelling up your cards the best place to do it is in the training room.

Thanks for the BP-Boost smiley

Okay now I just troll


friday 30/09/2016

hot 46 messages

Oooh.. I thought it was for everyone... That's fine.. smiley

So whenb are ytou banning mama killa

wednesday 28/09/2016

I hope its a live event hate to see a dead one. smiley

When will she be available to buy

Finaly did the elo mission gotta say ulu watu got plenty of bans and the unbanned stuff got pretty shitspensive

tuesday 27/09/2016

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