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tuesday 16/08/2016

Argh!!! My greed got the better of me and I bought a crappy pack...



"She will be available to all from Tuesday, August 16th at 11am (GMT+2)! "
So, that point in time has passed. Did you forget about releasing her or does she just skip New Blood packs because reasons?

sunday 14/08/2016

Hello i wanted to comment about the new app of urban rivals launched. and i didnt know where
just wanted to say the app is awesome but:
there is no option to allow viewing and including the "missing" pill, which every player has. it really confuses when you think he has 4 pillz but the he has 5 pillz
second. when viewing the characters card, i would like to view the story of the character and read it while playing, just like in the older virsion, maybe you can add that to the new version. THNX!

@HipHoppa's post #45

I completely agree! It's easy to avoid IF you remember not to click "fight" right away. Unfortunately after playing a lot of daily tournaments my first instinct to to go right to the "fight" button. ha.

It would be nice if that button was disabled during arcade.

friday 12/08/2016

Well i think the ability of miss sloane is support attack +3 and her stats maybe 7/8

monday 08/08/2016

logo UR 7 messages

Is the video on instagram a new trailer? Looks wicked.

saturday 06/08/2016

These changes will occur in tourney T1 or not??

friday 05/08/2016

Yea .. cr to 101th playet

thursday 04/08/2016


Since staff is trying to bring the newer clans to an equal footing with the newer ones, they will create lackluster cards for 1-2 clans out of these four

tuesday 02/08/2016

hot logo UR 97 messages

I dont want to sound salty, dont get me wrong, i love the game and want it to be great. Also i'm okay with 2 days-long maintenance, actually i don't mind if you do it every week if you gonna give me 20 creds each time smiley but still: all the bugs i mentioned in bug report thread are still there: 2nd and farther pages of comments in clan section are still linked to All Stars clan, "guilds" button still directs to collection page, trade offers for some characters(e.g. John Doom, Melody) are still not displayed at all, etc. All those bugs can be fixed within a couple of hours. In fact, the only change i noticed after this maintenance is that site no longer runs correctly on my old firefox browser at work smiley That may be a good change since i spend less work time not actually working now(there are still other sites though smiley ), but still, you know, imo that maintenance kinda suck smiley
Again, i dont want to sound offensive, i'm sure your next maintenances will be better. Experience is valuable smiley

monday 25/07/2016

Is "UR" gonna die and/or become unplayable? i mean un play able as this you create new rules and such so as no body without money who sspends 20$ a week will be able to compete in game. means your created new game were to get LDs or CRs is so impossible unless you spend 50K dollars in real life money to obtain them. which what i'am saying you take away evry thing thats makes playing this game fun and turn it into money making schemes were nobody wants to play anymore. creating so unballanced game play as only some who spends 200$ a day can win anything. if this happens after 10 years of game play then you at "UR" are going to kill your own game by becoming so greedy as to make this game unfriendly to players who want browser based card game to play were money does not make you win. you will loose 80% of players by going this route and the few who stay and play who do spend money will die off also because when the game is only about making "UR" rich and not about a card collection or fair play then you will only succed in killing your own income "UR"

friday 22/07/2016

And apparently things are still not right....can't get arcade to work on the app. get a warning saying there is a significantly updated version and that if I proceed without updating the game may not work right. at least in that regard it is correct seeing as arcade won't open, BUT...when I go to Google play to update it there is nothing to update. all I see is that the game is installed....so when is the app update getting released to fix this and what is being done since there are timed things occuring.....

Hi anyone knows when the maintenance on the market ends?
i cant but any new character


Full background if people want to see it clearly

wednesday 20/07/2016

The staff will release a bonus arcade season where all the old Ld's will be available

monday 18/07/2016

I actually liked this thematic weekend.I usually rank 11th-30th during normal days, and seldom get in the top 10.

But because of it, I managed to get in the Top 10 five times in one weekend! I almost placed first too!

sunday 17/07/2016

Hello is this thread closed?

friday 15/07/2016

Winning 35k ctz better than sledg cr. Hes selling 33k now.

thursday 14/07/2016

It starts a 4pm guys and gals

wednesday 13/07/2016

My Dudley LD dream remake would be 8/4 Defeat -2 Opp Life. Min 0

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