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saturday 27/02/2016

@Post 6: Go play Elo/DT/Survivor to earn them! smiley

Giving Gold tokenz in pack promos is a BAD idea!

thursday 25/02/2016

If i was ten years younger: #TEAM MODE

It's the second dumbest possible thing to do with your credits after the fourth Arcade HQ.

sunday 21/02/2016

So many cards that are banned in elo, dt that can be played in coliseum smiley

thursday 18/02/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Freaks, All Stars, Fang Pi, and Ulu Watu.

Oh, nevermind. It's February 1st, I kinda lost it.

wednesday 17/02/2016

They have lost their rareness and therefore some of their attraction
why not do a great promo every couple of weeks instead of a couple mediocore ones a week?

monday 15/02/2016

I disliked the same choice every time because it was boring zzzz
there are a few more 6/4 soa cards to include smiley

saturday 13/02/2016

Question: we need finish all the 4 missions in the weekend for the tokens or the tokens are prize from the missions and need be only unlocked?

You have to complete these missions in order to unlock him: http://prntscr.com/a2llsd

tuesday 09/02/2016

Why i cant play in any room? is it maintance?smiley

monday 08/02/2016

Whoo! I did it!

friday 05/02/2016


I was simply curious, after looking at the new Ld (not sure it isnt a tad OP) and the missions, and remembering all of the discussions before about problems people were having while trying to complete the missions in Arcade.

Just seeing if there was an unintended problem developed that would prevent people from completing missions until S2.

thursday 04/02/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Uppers, All Stars, Montana, and Bangers.

Start making the promos daily, i mean with so many time zones in the world it's certain people will miss it leaving promos to only a few lucky ones

tuesday 02/02/2016

@Modefal, the first part is, the second part is usually around 10k, possibly more this time

monday 01/02/2016

Shann Cr's already there, just waiting on the other three.

sunday 31/01/2016

@Post 108: To be honest,I started to like this one as well,I see more clans now than before.

In any case,something should be done about jackpot,players that aren't in top 5-10 get nothing when it comes to clintz.

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