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thursday 26/05/2016

I bet it's "New Release."

wednesday 25/05/2016

300k perfect is worth ot smiley

Very tempting, as you'll get almost half the cards in the pack; however, I think I'll personally have to pass this time since I don't know if the number of rares is fixed. 7 Rare Rbs and 11 Non-Rbs makes me worry that my ~50% chance to pull a rare Rb won't be one of the ones I still need. Maybe next time, though! smiley

friday 20/05/2016

thursday 19/05/2016

wednesday 18/05/2016

One of the largest events of the year is finally here. Where 256 warriors will fight to show what they have got from their experience throughout UR Number of players 256

monday 16/05/2016

And this is quite a complicated bug ...
The main comment ( for example , Chaos' comment here ) is labelled '1/3' . But when you open the second page , it's number changes to 11 instead of one . You will have to try this or view other threads to understand .

sunday 15/05/2016

Pls say the coliseum pages is on the list to be reworked

thursday 12/05/2016

New Cards tomorrow! Predictions are Berzerk, Ulu Watu, Piranas, and Nightmare.

New website seemed like a disaster then I realised my browser window (desktop PC) was too narrow for the player bar at the top and header to appear.
I don't like a browser to take up more than half my screen as I multi-task, in URs case I like to have my battle screen as small as possible so I can watch TV and movies with the rest of my screen.

Goes to show that the focus on modern updates are accessibility and presentation for mobile platforms.

How to complete floyd mission in time if hes banned in elo

monday 09/05/2016

@chaos he is saying to ban cards like ambre in DT to have a peaceful game , i agree with that ban ambre , grax and all cards which ruin DT smileysmiley

friday 06/05/2016

'Bout time, lil' punk!

monday 02/05/2016

New "New site" in the works? How is this not an announcement!? It looks REALLY nice. Here's hoping it's not too clicky! =) Looking forward to reviewing it again! =D

friday 29/04/2016

50%, not bad

Nice idea smiley would improve more Decks and ideas in DT smiley

tuesday 26/04/2016

monday 25/04/2016

Monday 10:00 is already gone and the penalties haven't changed. whats going on?

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