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thursday 16/07/2015

Is this in GMT?

wednesday 15/07/2015

The lights correspond to the three lives you have for this LW. You lose, a light goes out. Finish with all lights and you get a bit extra or the only thing worth playing for depending on the prize structure.

monday 13/07/2015

@Post 19. I'd do it just in case they decide to change his stats. Also, for the 10+ credits if you already have it.

sunday 12/07/2015


1) Capri has so bad art smiley
2) Raptors in general need more artistic touch smiley
3) Killshot should be renamed to Overkill smiley
4) So much confusion about Cancel Opp Life Modif smiley


thursday 09/07/2015

Because you lost against - L E O -. Therefore, imperfect 14.

wednesday 08/07/2015

Mate. I loved Dinosaurs as a kid. This clan was a dream come true for me! smiley

friday 03/07/2015

Sry for that batt

tuesday 30/06/2015

13 messages

I do now! Thx for the tip!

sunday 28/06/2015

The gain 80 life points was easy. Remember it's not only thru heal.

friday 26/06/2015

Because it isn't kiss. It's a montage of parodies.

wednesday 24/06/2015


C) 130/110/90/70

Although I wouldn't mind anything even a little fast than that. I can understand some computers having slower internet speeds, but I think anything over 60s is still plenty of time. Something similar to the times we currently have for DTs would be really nice, some other possibilities: ?


tuesday 23/06/2015

Fukrey gets lin bee cr. for the estimation.

monday 22/06/2015

What if instead of counting Rb cards as a percentage of total cards, Rbs were counted as an additional percentage over 100% similar to how collectors are counted as. This would enable older players to retain their ranks while still offering an incentive to go for rbs but instead at ones own pace rather than forcing a player to buy the newest rb asap for some ridiculous price in order to keep their ranking.

sunday 21/06/2015

wednesday 17/06/2015

I agree with Sahil as my friends did the Same and also one condition like unlocking market by money is kinda bad for friends i know u cant do anything for it just sayingsmiley

tuesday 16/06/2015

Lol jerromy he is released xD

sunday 14/06/2015

I would definite say yes.

Whys is there Random Round win in leader wars? That mechanic is useless and promotes luck over actual good play. Literally lost a game because my enemy got 2 random round wins that he shouldnt have gotten.

friday 12/06/2015

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