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saturday 23/04/2016

By the look of it - not far smiley not even close to the bare min.

friday 22/04/2016

Thank god for the easy missions.

monday 18/04/2016

sunday 17/04/2016

^Pleeease add this!

saturday 16/04/2016

friday 15/04/2016

Mission hunters....
why not actually ask why missions that are ridiculous not created?
or ask that winning by default should give automatic KO win for the purpose of missions

punitive measures to stop bad behaviour isnt really the way to go
mission hunting is your choice.... rage quitting is theirs. Too many factors to consider -- do they even know or are aware you are rage quitting? do you really think the punishment will deter the trolls???? will getting 5 legitimate trolls and punishing them be ok if it comes at the cost of 1 non troll getting punished?

thursday 14/04/2016

Many months ago, maybe a year ago, the community was hitting the panic button with the basic comment that the game was dying

those voices were ignored or played down by some admin... and instead was responded to with "the game is doing better than it has ever done before... it is better than a few years before.... it has big plans.... the numbers look good..... there is a plan to recruit... the numbers look good.... the numbers look good. etc etc etc etc."

whether or not they truly believed it or not who knows. or maybe they hoped it was true and if they said it often enough it would become true. but it obviously was not how the community felt. this created a conflict of sorts

slowly the community dwindled as the months went by, punctuated by a mass exodus shortly after the launch of the new website....

since then I have seen the number of players online above 3000 once! and i have now started to see on a regular basis of less than 1000 players online

this makes me sad since i did once truly enjoy this game.

obviously the admins of this game know where this game is heading.... the choice is up to them. do they 1) pull out all stops to try and salvage it??? which requires them to fully acknowledge that the game is not doing so hot and has not been doing so hot for over a year or 2) ride it out to the finish, continue as they are doing so, run the site as long as revenue they take it pays the bills and wages before pulling the plug once it is unviable?

New card tomorrow! Predictions are Freaks, All Stars, Vortex, and Bangers.

sunday 10/04/2016

saturday 09/04/2016

If you're out of ideas, I'm sure we could think of a couple of usable formats. You didn't exactly set the bar high with "only penalize 3½ cards".

thursday 07/04/2016

@boknee: You my friend,deserve a medal! smileysmileysmiley

tuesday 05/04/2016

Booo last years was better

monday 04/04/2016

thursday 31/03/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Bangers, Freaks, Sentinel, and Vortex.

wednesday 30/03/2016

I hope prizes will be higher this week as this is one of my favorite game modes smiley

Thanks to everyone who participated! The credits for the first 10 players with the correct answers have now been distributed.

saturday 26/03/2016

Galactea skeelz
loan jungo
gerald jungo
cardigan all stars
akendram freaks
lucky noel raptors
ruru frozen
lennard rescue
hector raptors
coraille rb ulu watu
christelle uppers
nahi cr roots

So, I think I am the only one who faced this problem.

UR players, revoooooooooolt!!!!!

wednesday 23/03/2016

There is a free La Cobra up. Just make post 1126 here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2581101

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