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thursday 17/03/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are All Stars, Bangers, Piranas, and Rescue.

wednesday 16/03/2016

Arceus closes the thread. smiley

monday 14/03/2016

I agree with wasteroftime smiley

A) It's easily the best option

thursday 10/03/2016

I was using Ambre and my oponent was using Ashigaru. So easy.

tuesday 08/03/2016

Thanks for this Coliseum staff smiley

thursday 03/03/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Raptors, Bangers, All Stars, and Ulu Watu.

wednesday 02/03/2016

logo UR 22 messages

This event got me thinking. How is the amount of clintz you get in a battle calculated? Anyone know?

Finally prizes are increased smiley

sunday 28/02/2016

"I so look forward to matchs where opponents just spam pills down to the minimum so you don't ge tjack"
Me too. It's a fantastic time to do those god-awful killshot missions.

saturday 27/02/2016

@Post 6: Go play Elo/DT/Survivor to earn them! smiley

Giving Gold tokenz in pack promos is a BAD idea!

thursday 25/02/2016

If i was ten years younger: #TEAM MODE

It's the second dumbest possible thing to do with your credits after the fourth Arcade HQ.

sunday 21/02/2016

So many cards that are banned in elo, dt that can be played in coliseum smiley

thursday 18/02/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Freaks, All Stars, Fang Pi, and Ulu Watu.

Oh, nevermind. It's February 1st, I kinda lost it.

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