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thursday 30/07/2009

@prefontaine: a little mix-up, fixed.

tuesday 28/07/2009

Yup, I'm here smiley
I don't really play except for events

monday 27/07/2009

saturday 18/07/2009

I think this topic has been discussed at great length.
One thing to remember :
NEVER give your password to ANYONE

friday 17/07/2009

I'm guessing 4:30-5:00 eastern.

Cards I want to have a Skeelz Cunterpart:


saturday 11/07/2009

Damn if it was last year i could join, but now i dont live in brighton smiley

friday 10/07/2009

wednesday 24/06/2009

thursday 18/06/2009

@Wattenvol-great idea abt the sound thing it would really help to speed up bAttlessmiley

sunday 14/06/2009

Crs come out when Crs come out, anyways its always nice to see new faces in clint city

wednesday 10/06/2009

Freaks are good but not good enough to be in a mono deck.

friday 05/06/2009

I meant cards

sunday 31/05/2009

Nice, Zatman will be banned next week, Smokey, Marco, Shakra and Charlie as well (and of course Kolos, Hawk).

--> no more overpowered Uppers, no Zatman
--> no more Piranas, their best card is banned (Smokey)
--> pussycats with their crazy 1 * fillers aren´t that good any more because Charlie is banned

BUT - what a pity that Striker is not banned. Most top tier clans lost an important card - but not All Stars. So next week All Stars will dominate. In addition we will see lots of Gheist (the more cards from other clans are banned the better is Gheist) and of course we will see Roots (Ratanah is playable!).

tuesday 26/05/2009

Thread closed, It's getting nowhere.

saturday 16/05/2009

Thanks once again to everybody. Never knew I had so many fans/friends to support me as a Mod.

Anyway, I shall be closing this thread down cause it is the only thing I can do on here without screwing up. lol.

So, last shout out to everybody who responded and I love ya all!

Let the MADNESS into your soul and the HugFest never die!

*hugs everybody and closes thread...aww*

Thanks all smiley

mellisa... she is not the only one who likes to answer questions i think we all do smiley

thursday 14/05/2009

I already made alot of cards.

monday 11/05/2009

I am too lazy to read the rules.

Great story so we should learn from Kudoz and ignore scammers.

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