Will be updated periodically when I spot a new one or if PMs are sent to me to remind me to add one.

A SemiEvo MUST have an ability and it must be unlocked before the final level.
Cards such as Eyrton Cr, Gwen, Dorian Cr, Sum Sam Cr, Cassandra, Capri, Lovhak do not count since they have NO ABILITY

Added Dr Swamp and El Cubalibre
I have heard of cases where former SemiEvos are returning to become SemiEvos and also looking out for them as well.

I plan to add a feature called the SemiEvo% some time soon.
This feature will tell the rate of which a Clan`s cards are SemiEvo or not.

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Added the obvious one: Ed 25.
Will update later once its clear.

Special Notes:
I rewrote Crook`s ability in that list from the original wording to avoid confusion towards his ability affecting you with Bugamon`s ability wording taken to account.
Crook`s ability from his profile: Night: Vict. Or Def.: -1 Life & Pillz, Min 0

Crook LOWERS your OPPONENT`S Life and Pillz by 1 to a minimum of 0 upon Victory or Defeat.

These are the Day/Night abilities for reference.

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tuesday 15/10

friday 11/10

Thanks for the answer!

Oh! I'm sorry

All Stars OP
Gain 50 Life with an All Star
Win 2 Credits

You earn ELO Missions immediately upon completion.
Next ELO Season UR will switch back to 2 Week-length Seasons.

As a result, ELO Mission Requirements and Rewards was reduced by 50% to reflect upcoming EFC.

tuesday 01/10

My lack of capacity to find info I guess. Ty for clarifying smiley

thursday 05/09

I changed up my deck. It's now

Dave, Wee Lee, Chel, Moai, Kommandon Ld, Elvis, Chang, Miloz

This has been working a lot better tbh.

monday 02/09

@Kazesushi interestng, my core for nightmare is:

Dudley Ld

saturday 31/08

friday 30/08

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Splashing meaning to play them without their clanmates or any intention of getting the clan bonus. Essentially because their clan bonus is irrelevant the vast majority of the time.

monday 19/08

I’m not the best at EFC, but Rescue seems shaky in the current meta to me.
There are a lot of scary Brawl cards out right now, which discourages Mono-decks, and therefore Rescue.

thursday 15/08

I recently came back to the game too, I wouldn't stress too much about "good decks" and whatever for now, just pick up something relatively cheap/nostalgic and play some to learn the ins and outs of all the new abilities types/clan bonuses/characters. Took me a hot sec to adjust, but that will give you some insight on who you'd want to pick up too.

monday 12/08

Thank you all.
Guess I'll look into something cheaper for Tourneys, but I'm not a big fan of that mode.

New season i guess

thursday 08/08

Some others outside what was mentioned I could see as good EFC splashes are.

Gorgon who is particularly good for Round 1, even without the bonus

Carrie for 2 extra Pillz (However some plays need to be careful since it easily gives away your strategy for a round).

Grouchy. Even without the bonus, that +2 Pillz can scare some opponents to a similar manner with Grace

Mim. 8 Power and copies bonuses is fearsome.

NewBlood Kupanda for a similar reason to Mim. (However my concern if she’ll be banned for EFC)

Kora Mail Ld. Olding or sneaky win for Life Points.

Otherwise I feel it’s hard to name good Splash cards for EFC that are 2 stars with the staffs bans approach.

saturday 03/08

You can try mono Raptor good for Daily tournaments with low star requirements. The clintz reward is big so you can buy cards you need. If you go dual for ELO, try Junkz and Ulu Watu as my favorite. smiley

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