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friday 15/05/2020

Lol, at Legend! smiley

Good info, though, Quexalblaze. I use waaay too many situational cards and that's probably why I lose so much. Trying too do missions, though...smiley

sunday 10/05/2020

Thanks for the advice guys, this helped me a lot with getting started.

thursday 07/05/2020

To respond to Mintio43: As an example: The freak ld turn 1. Then a mix of damage reducers or cards with defeat regen or life and it's a easy gg if they keep pill gap high enough or have cards that manipulate attk or power forcing you to pill and not have enough to fury your way through.

To respond to Lupo: Yes, considering most clans are built to win it in 2 it can be very frustrating. Also the time being the way it is makes making mistakes less likely, and gives you time to calculate, with equalizer and other manips at play that is a good thing. However with no pressure some matchups are easy to manipulate because you can think for quite a while. Less time to respond on the front end with increases during the later rounds or vice versa might be interesting. Thinking quick on your feet is a skill as well, but manip clans might become inherently too good because of that.

To respond to who: Dominion are easily broken due to that fact. With respect to the time discussed in lupos response, your opponent had plenty of time to determine what your win condition is and can respond accordingly to your major plays if you play them early. Or crush them on the back end by anticipating bluffs from less threats. Super OP (my opinion) unless you have SOB or power negation you have to play a certain way within the matchup and can be edged out easily. Which brings the conversation full circle to certain abilities not passed around enough in the respective clans at multiple star tiers.

wednesday 06/05/2020

Thank you i used a gheist deck and i finished the season in the tower i was in polit but i lost alot of games in a row lol but tower is good for me thank yousmiley

tuesday 05/05/2020


had anne derya over rhizom and kougloff over argos at 1 point

This was the most hilarious interaction I've ever seen on this forum what the actual fuck

monday 04/05/2020

sunday 19/04/2020

I got W4r Ld when complete Arcade mode. Arcade is free and easier for playing and earning rewards.

Hi guys, i have not played in ages, logged in again yesterday and have been messing around with some decks.

I came up with this one eventually witch i seem to like.
Not sure if Jana Ramba is still viable though.
Comments are very welcome!


thursday 16/04/2020

I've tried the app and had other issues with that. Perhaps I'll try again...

If one gets a terrible hand against a hard counter like that, I suppose that's down to the skill of making a deck which is less likely to be hard-countered like that, so I see why this could lessen the skill involved in the mode, now you mention it smiley

monday 06/04/2020

I feel like this is an obvious flaw.
Is it done on purpose are staff aware of it?
It sucks not being able to make an impact in the last hour

tuesday 24/03/2020


I recommend you to follow this account since it's managed by the Staff and every monday shows a picture with what cards are weekly banned.

For instance for this week:

friday 20/03/2020

You don't think Ksaba, 2* glorg are ban worthy? I see a nightmare in a good chunk of games, and when I see these cards I always think how are they not perma banned?

kaija - Strong card, you could argue for banning any card in roots tbh

akkrak - main flaw is SOA, in the current meta, this card is not problematic in my opinion. There are so many cards with high base stats and SOA running around like crazy, cancel pow/damage modifiers are common now too... etc. If this card needs to be banned, Djanghost needs to be banned first

hulahukah - I didn't even know this card existed before you mentioned it, can't give an opinion, but frozen is so weak and difficult to use
eklore - All leaders have this same issue you could argue almost, so it's a fair point

kupanda - Rhizom and noel are more problematic imo

beeboy cr - Do people use this clan still?
ongh cr - fair
el tortillo - This card on paper looks really strong actually. I don't see it often though.

For the sake of argument, I'd like to add that yookie is in a different league than Jane ramba and quasichoco. I don't know if this needs much explanation but yookie with bonus vs Chopper Ld turns Chopper into an 8/1, Jane and Quasichoco turn it into an 8/4... you could use this as an example for any card which has +/- life abilities and yookie because incomparable.

Kalumet was literally released and fills a similar but less powerful roll. Kalumet is even borderline op.

sunday 08/03/2020

You can always prevent ending games in 50/50s by trying to identify how you can win T1 / T2 which is the only interesting thing in this game. You'd be surprised how often people pill randomly...

saturday 07/03/2020

I also don't see the need for a new 5* GHEIST. If anything, it's good that GHEIST players still have a number of options, each serving different role. Yes, they're not great but definitely not unviable. Their 4* lineup is also very solid, GHEIST is not lagging in the high star department. A new, strong 5* will only push GHEIST's presence in SRV T3 further. Personally, I would appreciate a low star DR for the clan (that is not an LD), but that's a whole new discussion.

monday 17/02/2020

Combine them with Komboka, especially during the day. Pavam is the 4* of choice since the other one is over 200k. Kupanda, Hilal, and Rhizom Noel are the way to go. Combine them with #Dakota, Bambino, Comanche and Djanghost Ld or MKali. IF you go with the former, switch #Dakota with Wild Holiday Ld. Makes for a great daytime deck.

thursday 13/02/2020

I would put Triton on my list for being a virtual 8/5 2*. I didn't suggest him though since he tends to be a potential ban-candidate when Piranas are strong.

I kinda miss Sopiket too. 13 Power is a lot, but it seems EFC wise it was too much and Cancel Power Modif in reality wasn't played much in EFC as far as I notice. (Though the number of Cancel Power Modif cards available for EFC could also be a factor).

wednesday 12/02/2020

Lol... Those two are incredibly imbalanced...

friday 07/02/2020

You mentioned that you need EFC decks for each stage, but since you are an older player returning it sounds like you may be thinking of the old EFC system that had an increasingly limited number of cards from each clan being available to you as you climbed the ladder, with only the most recent 10 being available in z palace. This is no longer how EFC works, and it has since been reverted to the old system in which all cards are fair game, except for those from the universal staff ban list and the seasonal player vote ban list.

While I don't have a specific deck to recommend, it is worth it to take the time to get the legendary cards, as they are never banned are generally among the most powerful cards available to a clan's EFC lineup. It is especially worth your time to get the legendary cards from the arcade, as you get the legendary cards relatively quickly and will also gain ~ 1 million clintz worth of prizes along the way. If you are looking specifically for strong decks, you can go to the public presets section under the community tab, and can browse an almost endless amount of very strong decks posted by the best EFC players this game has to offer. From there you can choose one that fits your personal style and available cards. Good luck in EFC smiley

wednesday 05/02/2020

I am pretty sure this post is just looking for attention. You rarely see posts get this much attention, and this one got it because it is highly controversial

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