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monday 12/07/2010

I usually use all stars but then the bans and then i used montana so wich clan should i pair with it insted?

So far after 1-2 hours of play im sitting at 1158. So not that bad.


I'm going for 1300 this week(2nd week playing ELO and 1st week i went 1215 through 2 days of playing).

Lol i was just playing elo and i came up against 2 vortex decks in a row and they left as soon as they saw i'd drawn nightmare

sunday 11/07/2010

I have all the gheists but the CR's i need to know a good half deck to go with my cards plz

Epic Life Gain

While I haven't tested it in elo I have made a 29 life gap in a match.

The screen shot is on the preset.

Well All stars are an auto pick for me when marina and striker are both unbanned. Even when one of the two are unbanned they are more then good to play in ELO. I personally prefer to play all stars as mono deck w/ a leader and a splash card either being spiaghi as a 2* or uranus/chiara/sigma as a 3* filler. I usually change the fillers based on the weekly meta and how I make some individual deck choices.

Actually. i use a cheap, roots/pussycats deck. the dr is good and i primarily focus my deck on amanie's life gain or lowering the opp's life to no lower than 6 then keep reducing the opp's damage. worked for me and i got 1200+ (new record)


Good mono deck btw

saturday 10/07/2010

Good on paper, but I'd really hate seeing Jackie or Graksmxxt in ELO even if the person had to use 6 stars to put them in. Unless the rest of your deck is very poorly made/drawn, it is very difficult to play against some of the ELO-banned powerhouses. 5 stars for Wee Lee or Ratanah might be worth it, but some of these other cards are just too powerful to face, no matter how many stars they are.

Quite nice deck......good

Ya...the montana clan is the cheap and ok in elo mode...

Just swap alexei in for striker when striker's banned

friday 09/07/2010

Ratanaha has the same stats as kiki Cr at level four...

Boohma isn't really strong when you are not playing Mono. Try changing her for Nyema or Scopica once you get the dough.

Somba too isn't a really good card for you to use, for less clintz you can get yourself a Wendy which is way better, and if you can save a little more, Pegh or Mindy would be even better choices

Reowrked again lol. Previous preset is deleted. Here's a copy of what I'm using now. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=878482

Close this plz he has deleted his preset

thursday 08/07/2010


Again I took your ideas further still cant get chalrie or yayoi - too dear for me I will get them though, baby q reapears but this deck only has 3 2 stars and they are more solid and capable of more damage than before plus the rest of the deck goes for nice damge and or abilities.

wednesday 07/07/2010

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