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wednesday 07/07/2010

Strictly speaking toro has more power than ohsitusune and can beat 8 powered cards, it depends how u rate soa vs sob, soa is great for defence where as sob is more often useful for attack and seen as abilitis can still afect the sob hes not a sure thing


I find that SOB and SOA as Bonuses are to popular, so ive tried to balance this deck to be threatening in both fields.
Comments please!

Well first of all most of the time you wouldnt be getting both.
and the second thing is that you could use one as bluff and the other as the pill drainer?

tuesday 06/07/2010

What clan goes good with gheist

comment it pls

Sorry thats cool I actually think charlie is better at 4 stars, I would use her and clara in a mono deck! I thought it was yet another 5 star charlie deck, people beat up on charlie but she waltz through most montanas and can be used as a suprise dr against the prianhas.

Hows this deck? I cant afford gill right now also its really a choice between her or tremorth for me, if gils in tremorht will have to be ottakol or onik or possibly even archie

Are piranas and nightmares the best clans to use because of there clan bonus ?
I play pretty good with them but I feel im missing something to put me over that hump ..

monday 05/07/2010

Oh crap i ended up with 1299 ELO Points lol


No need to post the same thing 3 times... Striker and Marina are banned on a regular basis, it's pretty uncommon to see both of them out at the same time. Striker is banned little less than Marina, but they're always above the 5% threshold.

I don't really understand the English in you post, but as far as I can gather about the value of the first round here we go:

In order to do well in ELO you need to always try to stay ahead of your opponent, considering both life and pills as indicators on the status of the match. I would argue that while you don't need to "win" the first round, you need to utilize it effectively or you will never get far. Using the first round effectively can be achieved by winning the round with a reasonable amount of pills or by bluffing your opponent and causing them to overpill.

A general rule that many players use in UR is that a game is more or less tied if the ratio of pills to life for one player is the inverse of their opponents. For example, not knowing anything else about a match, if one player has 9 pills and 12 life, and their opponent has 12 pills and 9 life, the game is close to tied (leaving aside circumstantial things like landing the only DR etc.)

I would say that trying to edge oneself onto the winning side of this ratio is very important, since after a good first round. The game can be more or less mathematically determined. For example, if I lose the first round after playing more pills than my opponent, it can be quite easily said that I am losing the game, and that I'm in a mathematical hole.

Some decks can use the first round psychologically like Endracer points out, and if that's the case for your strategy, then winning the first round becomes the way to win.

A general list of strategies I've found in the game:

Defensive decks all follow the same trope, Life Separation. There are several ways to do this:
1) Poison
2) Life Gain
3) Damage Reduction/SoA/SoB
Any combination of the three can produce the desired results. The general strategy of a defensive deck is just controlling the flow of damage, by reducing card's damage through DR or SoA where appropriate, and landing your damage where it counts (often by denying a high damage card from your opponent). Defensive decks win through maintaining a good amount of life separation. Some defensive decks can with the round on the first turn with a single furious card, such as Pussycats with Dithya.

KO decks contain a large amount of cards that can dish out 2 hit KOs with one another. While the strategy itself seems straightforward the tricky aspect of the deck is making your opponent predict the KO. Landing an early Emestath in a La Junta deck, for instance, forces your opponent to be on the look out for a second hit for the rest of the game.

Finally, probably the most common type of deck in ELO is a balanced deck. The goal of a balanced deck is flexibility. A balanced deck can be played both defensively or offensively depending on the strategy chosen by the opponent or the specific cards drawn. It can with through life separation or KO. These decks contain cards of both the offensive and defensive variety. These decks tend to go furthest in ELO due to their adaptability.

sunday 04/07/2010

Warping Eklore
I think it's OK, but any suggestions?

Are you just asking on people's opinions on this one or are you actually playing with it? I'd be interested to see the results...

Cute reduction action, smiley

Wow..... I'm speechless.

I'd have trouble getting to 1200 with that deck.

Fabio or enzo instead of avola, Edd instead of rossa, Spiaghi for fiolomania - you lack a dr in that deck sob from edd is very usefull and fabios power reduction or enzos sheer power give you the edge but even so that deck should be able to get over 1100 but probably not by much, you should try my montan/junkz preset it works ok (but the pros will tell you you need a deck capable of geting over 1300!) Right now I am trying tons of ideas out and letting all the opinons I get from people and my own play experience mold my decks.

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Need rares. smiley

Skeelz can beat them preety easy if used properly and you may prefer to use Roots, they have bigger Power compared to Gheist, GG's! smiley

Keep switching decks, but keep note on which ones give you easy wins, then you can decide and save them according to tempo on the meta game that you see fit, GG's! smiley

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