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saturday 26/06/2010

How to stop it?
I can't see how to improve it but I know you can always improve.

friday 25/06/2010


You sure it's not just you? All Stars eat GHEIST alive...

I have a similar deck as yours. The only difference is that I have Chiro instead of Gatline. It actually depends on which clans are mostly used for the week.

I have Jane Ramba but I still use Nahomi to support Chiro. Assuming that I have Chiro and Nahomi in my hand and my opponent is using Gheist/Roots, then Chiro would only have 4 damage but would have 8 power. On the other hand, Nahomi would have 10 power. In this kind of match, you would not really want to K.O. the opponent; you would just want to win rounds.

If I am not fighting against Gheist/Roots, and again, assuming that I have both Chiro and Nahomi in my hand, then I would aim for a 2 hit K.O. or you can use Chiro to bluff and make your opponent overpill.

thursday 24/06/2010

I currently only have 1k clintz so i have to work on that

I think it is -2 -4 for sure I don't know if it it is 6 or 8 but I you won't mhave a problem.

Sunder gets an early death O.o
: D Take out Sunder, of course. Enjoy smiley

wednesday 23/06/2010

I like shadowcouncil's suggestion...

And one piece of advice: keep Arkn. Arkn takes away any attack manipulation and power manipulation as a ability, and slams them with the choice to pill or take 4 damage. Yes, 5 power sucks. But you'll realize how useful he is after he saves the game so many times... Seriously, keep Arkn in there. He might not be useful as Z3r0 D34d in the lower ELO when your opponents are much less strategic, but Arkn is necessary to combat alot of things.

Also, I think Baldovino's a really good choice. He's a strong opener which you sometimes need, and will lack with the absence of Rolph (Usually, Toro isn't too good of an opener for me, but rather a high-damage, solid wall card). Pill manipulation, 8 power, high damage, and poison, all in one crazy magician smiley

It depends on your style and techniques in dueling smiley

You only get your pillz back if you lose, it takes some savvy to make the best of that, since a smart opponent might not pill and let you waste your eight pillz.
And yes one pill bluffs, and third round gambles are where the Vortex clan really shines.

Thats a good deck and proves my point about skeelz being hard to beat but you if you use slyth on the final turn, not so good. The cards are overall of a higher power than I can afford but thats the direction my deck is going in too as it at least makes your opponent work to get the damage in but similar to my deck it can throw up hands with very little damage plus the card with +12 support attack unless it is played on the counter attack will be better by many montans/uppers with the same or 1 less/more power who also have additional attack or power manipulation abilities. It is fairly resistant deck to all stops though, except sylth. Plus if you play silith most would play soa card now I see this as "drawing an soa card" allowing you through in some other way, if you get the card with confidence and the card with revenge great synergy allowing you to open with a either a bluff or a 3 or 4 pill opening if you win you get some damage in and you can play that confidence card if you lose well your opoonent will probably be at a pill disadvantage or often at best only 1 pill better of than you and your revenge card now comes into its own. Nice ideas but like mine could do with some real expert advice from the very best to make it better, like mine could do with speniding more on it.

tuesday 22/06/2010

Awesome, thank you. smiley
Hmm, uranus does sound good. but her price is unbelievable. D:
thank you art.

I'm kinda a new player that is taking a first run at ELO (1109 so far smiley). I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my deck and let me know if I can tweak anything. I've had decent success with it so far but I'm constantly trying to improve things.



Please keep in mind that this represents nearly all of my clintz so any swapping, be it cards or the whole clan, kinda has to be for equal value. Any help would be awesome.


Thanks guys, i'll close this down
delete pls mods

Well, the way I do it is to sell any expensive cards I have lying around that I'm not using. If you're aiming for a deck you think you might use a lot, then hoarding cards really is counter-productive.

If you don't like the 5%, use the trade forum for straight swaps. smiley

Any thoughts?


2 SoA , 2 atk manips... pow manip.. etc.

Mathwiz's deck is propably the best choice for low budget... Nightmare/Gheist is really effective combo, but Kenny isnt that good in elo anymore, there are too much cards that counters him nowadays... Nightmare has to be refreshed a little bit smiley also draheera isnt good in half deck, Toro would be great but he is banned this week... with mono Nightmare, I'm using mono in this week, my deck is prety similar to Yours, but I use Glorg over Kenny and Eadh over Sheitane... she could be a good bluff, maybe I'll consider putting her over Eadh too xD also I was using Uranus over Sargh, dr is useful sometimes, but with that much Gheist and Roots in elo, he usually is just a wasted space smiley

Deck looks great, personaly I would use Samantha over Wendel, but this isn't major change at all...


can u tell me which cards i must change

monday 21/06/2010

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