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tuesday 08/06/2010

Here's all of the links for y'all

Thanks Mods

Ah, but 1/2 the GHEIST are worthless without their abilities... Draheera is just one of many. Her potency when not facing SoA is what makes mono-GHEIST viable; you are not going to sacrifice anything by using Draheera in Mono-GHEIST, yet have much to gain.

I think Eklore would work good with Skeelz. The -1pillz + Skeelz high power can be very intimidating.

monday 07/06/2010

I just came up with a VERY similar deck that has only one different card...

Ambre has probs the best Ability for this deck. however she cant win a riound and do any sort of decent damage. therefore morphun works well but you do have shann remember so id be temtped to go with eyrik and use either of the other two as backup

Yeah Bangers / Roots is extremely strong for a budget:

Rico - Yookie - Noodile - Jeto (probably Arno if you have the clintz)

paired with

Bodenpower - Chlora (upgrade to Blaaster in the future) - Loocio - Graff/B Ball

Havent posted in awhile, plz rate and comment XD


Trish and Archibald

Thank you wasteroftime!

sunday 06/06/2010

The more you progress in elo the better your cards and general strategy...

You should use a Spiaghi in the ELO deck aswell

saturday 05/06/2010

Decent deck but maybe change freaks to another clan.

Good deck. All Stars + Eyrik and Skeelz are annoying the crap out of me this week... barely got over 1300 ELO smiley

Question has been answered. closing.

Spiaghi is definitely a great 2 star, but not sure I would say the best. It really comes down to what you are looking for. Do you want a throw away card, a card that can damage, some of both, damage reduction, pill manipulation, etc.

My question is, which clan gives the best 8* (four 2*'s) in UR. This is non-CR and fully evolved.
The reason would be for getting the most out of a another half deck
With the new addition to Junkz, they may have the best 8* half deck out there, but there are other contenders.

Junkz = Gil, Dreen, Veenyle, Sentogen (even Dash works)
Junta = Dean, Wardog, Thormund, Winston
Montana = Spaighi, Prince Jr, Filomena, Ficcanaso (even Ricardo works)
Pirana = Hawkins, Hawkins Noel, Tula, (Spycee? - maybe Trey?)
Nightmare = Eadh, Phyllis, Mawpin, Sheitane (Hel possibly)
Bangers = Graf, B-Ball, Massiv, (Bennie? - Gyro could work)
Pussycats = Bridget, Wanda, Ella, Feelyn (maybe Effie?)
Jungo = Pegh, Mindy, Wendy (Elea?)
All-Stars = Jessie, Stacey, Ashley, (Flo? or Cesare? could work)
Freaks = Esmeralda, Hula, Harleen, Soushee
Rescue = Steve, Krash, Lea, (Vinny? - not Larry due to half deck)
Sakhrom = Nimestiec, Wakai, Na Boh, (Lunatik?)
Skeelz = Sasha, Redra, (Wilhem?, Liam? - lots to choose from for last spots)
Gheist = Zero Droid, Arkn, (Platinum?, Ludmilla?)
Sentinel = Lehane, Tobie, (Aurelia?, Rick?)
Fang = Chan, Sakazuki, (Yumi?, Unagi?)
Roots = Arno, Jeto, (Miken Moore?, Ben?)
Ulu = Taigo, Gabrielle, (Warren?, Jeff?)

friday 04/06/2010

Yeah wat u guys think of this?

Hate it? Love it? Want it?

Pls suggest



Yeh im not surte whether to switch out Greem for Jay or sumthin else ??

thursday 03/06/2010

If you want to try a different deck ELO, try this: deleted

And then buy a new one for tds.

Good luck

Freeks can be quite good in ELO, I've gotten to 1400 with them but sadly not top 100

wednesday 02/06/2010

The deck is good. While I think Adsom is a relatively underrated card, Tyd trumps him completely. his 8/4 with Sob makes him one of the most effect walls in the game.

Semla and Dalhia is really down to preference. I prefer Dalhia for a few reasons:

-pillz is just more of a threat.
If you use Dalhia, the deck has an even balance of pill manipulators. 2x -pills, 2x plus pillz.

Selma is easier to use, certainly, and her extra damage is very appealing, but I prefer to reduce my Opp's pillz and score an advantage to fury my wins.

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