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wednesday 02/06/2010

1303 elo by Tuesday with http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=639226


tuesday 01/06/2010

smiley im not sure about this. Though i like a couple of cards , FPC and Piranas didn't strike me as the clan that goes well together. and the FPC side could do with a little work


You can use Kang for Robb/Randy if you want it to counter Caelus.

monday 31/05/2010

Hm...I wouldn't use Muze either, actually. She's an ace card, but she doesn't fit there.

Uranus for Corrina smiley anyday.

Doesn't show up, guess you deleted it. This week I wouldn't remove Platinum since both Oshitsune and Caelus may be in play.

Guessing you didn't face many Skeelz decks? They would have advantage over this deck

sunday 30/05/2010

Ask yourself where the damage is going to come from with a deck of Milton, Redrae, Sasha, and Danae. Nothing over 3. Even if you add Sasha or Ambre, damage from one card is four, with six maximum on fury. No true 2 HKO, and for some no three HKO, overall a rather weak ELO deck, especially if you don't get Ambre. Remember Caelus only has a 12 -15 % chance of being in the deck.

saturday 29/05/2010



fogot to post the second one ooops smiley

friday 28/05/2010

Mister somedutch you can post this on the guild msg board too , i doubt i've seen the thread written there.
i'm not picking on you or anything But you'll get more answers there than here imo smiley

I'm not positive about this, but here is my theory: you weren't playing a non-random game, even though you were in a non-random room (crazy, I know). You can set your game type preferences in your profile so that you only play one game type or another. If your opponent has set his preference to play only normal games, then even in a "no-random" room you might end up playing a match that is in normal mode. The way to avoid this (if you hate random, like I do) is to change your own settings so that you only play non-random games. Go to you profile, click on the "Your Preferences" tab, and select "No Random" from the dropdown box at the bottom.

Cat Stuck In A Tree

Please comment, suggestions (good ones) will be gladly accepted.

Also, rate green if you think its good as is already! smiley

thursday 27/05/2010

Here is cheap beast for Elo deleted

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Yupp and this build w/ Baldovino got me 1326 ELO smiley


Na Boh

Starting this topic for anyone that wants to post up a link or description of their deck that they made. This way everyone can see up coming decks and hopefully give some constructive criticism where available.

I'll start. The deck I've made is a Junkz/Piranas that focuses on pill manipulation. I welcome all comments, critiques, and suggestions. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1298465

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