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wednesday 29/01/2020

Disagree with #5, sometimes semievo fit perfectly on a deck and most of the times the cost of 0xp is the same as full so you don't lose many clintz. Besides 3* and 4* semievos last a lot, you can play a 5* as 4* for more than a season and it won't level up

Just make sure your club doesn't have the "XP during battles" active because your semievos wouldn't last long

tuesday 28/01/2020

Well put Spencer, I understand

friday 24/01/2020

Cool thanks smiley

monday 20/01/2020

Nope, every card has equal chance of being drawn

thursday 16/01/2020

Remove Miyo and Mjollnirah and substitute them and you’re good to go.

Pretty much what GSK13 is right on the mark

You can use the EFC filter. Select the “I” button for detail on the collection page.

I also try to update a n EFC ban thread for reference when I’ve got time.

monday 06/01/2020

Oh and definitely go play arcade it gives you lds too, but not the ones you want on top of credits, clintz and cryptocoins which can be exchanged for collector packs tip: don't use the crypto coins right away they do promotions where the they reduce the pack costs on top of increase rates on cards going Mystic(new rarity tier over collectors) and are no longer available in the collector packs or an increased rate of the most expensive cards lik dj Korrs cr

The arcade also now has premade decks for you to try so you can learn the new cards, abilities and clans to understand match ups better while getting good benefits as what was mentioned before. If I remember right the tutorial also drops credits too which I would be focusing on both arcade and tutorial for now because you came back right before a massive sales promotion and could get some really nice things with the free credits and cryptocoins

tuesday 10/12/2019

Why wouldn't he mean clintz??

monday 09/12/2019

Good evening,

Not really going beyond the first two leagues in EFC, I try the season with a deck Riots / Skeelz, I feel that the combo can be nice.

Here is the deck in question: deleted

If you have any ideas / comments don't hesitate!

saturday 30/11/2019

You can't judge it like that saying 9/1 is better than 7/4... it depends on the rest of your hand.. Truth is his list is pretty accurate though I think gabrielle is worse. Fanny is strong too just slightly slightly behind dave since dave is immune to DR. Keile isnt busted... 7/2 SoB 2* is standard nowadays. Linkos ld is op though but I didnt finish the arcade.

wednesday 27/11/2019

^im find with something akin to that blackjack. But I don’t see how Uber powerful or tier 1 or whatever cards wouldn’t be down voted. I mean wouldn’t cards like Bahari be player-banned the first week? I figured everyone would team up and vote for it until another super overpowered card comes along but though perhaps unlike you, I can’t recap wahat has happened historically regarding stupid cards like Uranus. Noobs can’t have expensive broken cards, but rich elite players can. Consistently too.

tuesday 26/11/2019

@pyro you're right SoA and low *count DR's are powerful. But anything remotely usable is insta banned. Like 8/4 SoA is the gold standard for SoA clans, but frankly thats far below the standard for other clans with the 9/2 SoA 3*s running rampant. Like Ratanah mt would be gravely average in this meta. Brody is such a situational card that it should be allowed in elo. I would say any soa Dr is really really powerful (similar to sob dr).

TBH SoA hasn't powercreeped that much surprisingly because UR bans all abilities that are powerful, leaving basically solid walls in the meta with 9 power or whatever.

monday 25/11/2019

The kombuka ld too, is she still only available by downloading the phone app?

thursday 07/11/2019

thursday 31/10/2019

I'm a returning player that is looking to play again. I'm clueless about the new meta or how to build a good deck for EFC deck. I have no preferences, I want something with good damage, poison and no Ghostown characters. I do have a budget of 1 million. Any good decks or presets. Thanks

Hoffman, Hriger, Jaxx Ld, Ksendra, L Lace01, Lin Xia 2*, Rekt LD, #Xu-Drone (now he is ban) so maybe Mok or Mudster

Dear Rowdy,

I have played some matches with te first deck: Buckler, Elvira, Kerry Cr, Lea, Callie, Kompact, Donald and Spidee. The deck works fine about 50% win rate. Did not face enough raptor decks to give a conclusion about that part. I think an higher win rate is posible with this deck. I have the problem that i have to face high lvl player. I can see that they own much more knowledge and tactics then me. I think this will be a long tem project to get more knowledge and learn more tactics. Realy want to thank you for your help and tips!

wednesday 30/10/2019

Hey, just a question, are we talking about T1 or EFC?
Regarding EFC, I'm certainly not the best player, but I had some good results with biclan decks using:
Z3r0 D34d / Hoffman
ARN 2000
Jaxx LD
Darling / XU52

If you don't mind using semievo characters, Xu-bot, Wardom and Lin Xia are really good.

I'm subscribing to the thread to see what other players suggest.

Found the problem, your deck has 2 5 Star cards.

Pericles Mt and Dr Copernica Cr. You can use both cards, just not on the same deck though.

I got the following deck
Arn 2000

sunday 27/10/2019

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