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thursday 23/05/2019

Thanks for the clarifications.

tuesday 21/05/2019

Most of the time 400 Crypto or 4 credits, but last season had at least one exception with Dominion giving 10 credits.

wednesday 08/05/2019

I was close to 300 but got my ass handed too me i went into EFC tower last week but I kept playing and got knocked to danger zone then chocolate muscle . I'm gonna just focus on the EFC missions and try to get back into what I had when I first started .

monday 06/05/2019

Opps, haha, sorry about that!

Dang alright, thank you

sunday 05/05/2019

Danger zone was pain.

saturday 04/05/2019

I am not so negative. I just should say, after changes I am faced with very good players. They returned from somewhere.
I always was tournament players, so not a big deal.

thursday 02/05/2019

Yeah that is by far the worst part of semi evos and i really hope they give us the option to freeze exp. I legit dont play them even if they are the best option cuz it stresses me out.

friday 26/04/2019

You can try hive as well he's great with attack manipulation. I have beaten a few SOB with Montana and him but Hive can combat against SOB and there is nothing wrong with a little equalizer.

tuesday 16/04/2019

@HipHoppa I only beat you because I followed the tips the guys gave me from this thread lol .

monday 01/04/2019

Thanks! Buy the adventure to get Rekt Ld ! It IMBA! smiley

sunday 31/03/2019

My first suggestion is that you stop playing mono decks.

There are too many Brawl cards in the game right now. Running a mono deck is greedy, it ensures you always have your bonus. Before brawl cards it was a problem that was only dealt with in competitive play by using deck formats that forced players to use "more than one clan, leaders do not count as a clan". I'm sure if you've created an event deck format you have seen that option.

If you really like your Montana, then here is a solid half deck for you:


Total cost: 95 000 clintz.

If you have cards like Figaro Dr Elisa, Edd Cr, and Iris Morana, then use them, but if you are budgeting, then that deck should do you some justice.

tuesday 26/03/2019

saturday 23/03/2019

I m thinking the essentials are behemoth scylla cyb yose

friday 22/03/2019

In your case, it appears one of the Admins managed to fix it for you.

Although they are doing it manually in a case-by case basis so for players with similar problems should identify and the Admins can check.

thursday 21/03/2019

I'm also getting a free in some of my matches too at one point i have 637 and was knocked down to 609 .

wednesday 06/03/2019

Iactually just checked my battle history, maybe its just a graphical glitch showing +/-0 instead of the real value

sunday 24/02/2019

OC_Hespera thanks for the reply.
By your example shouldn’t a 2000 rank technically be matches with anyone 1400-9999+??
If a 9999+ can match with a 1501 then a 1501 can match with a 9999+.
The wording should be once you reach Z palace you can match with anyone in Z palace. The 2100 requirement is pointless it just mean that you can ONLY match with Z palace players.

friday 15/02/2019

Hi, If you ever find someone who you think is cheating please contact support so they can investigate and fix the bug.

Please don't name the player publicly incase they are not cheating or they are not doing it on purpose.

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