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You need a 10 cards deck probably

saturday 02/01

Ok wow thx Jugr im bad at reading

wednesday 23/12/2020

No wonder you are having a blast with this deck. smiley GhosTown are crazy, one time I have stumbled upon a great deck with them and it gave me similar idea to yours. You went more in pillz control, but it surely does great job (12 wins is something smiley )
My core team is @judge Lynch , @Marhsal Cr , @Miss Calamity , @Sioux , and beloved @Sentenza
And, depending on my mood, I mix them with GHEIST or Dominion, and @Ashigaru as a cherry on the top. It is quite dangerous to put him there, because of @Ambre lurking in the shadows of survivor mode, but, surprisingly.. I have won 3 encounters like that, because if people always have this +3 power modificator - they are thinking it is easy win. And with those cards - it is not. ;d

So I'm glad that somebody have noticed the power within GhosTown and is eager to share the good expierience with them. Good luck with beating your record!

@Junyi49 From my experience - it is more enjoyable and dangerous at Day (Senteza is a beast), but Night version of bonus prevents you from many dangerous situations with KO's (+ Marshal's SOA is quite useful).

monday 21/12/2020

Ah, it's 10 cards now. Thanks!

saturday 07/11/2020

Mono All Stars is extremely good actually I have used it more its top 6 or top 8 currently

Morten's suggestion is sort of good for the first half

Zlabal Harrow Ld Roderick Heather you have to use these 4 cards or there's no point playing

my tier list for All Stars Survivor is

S Tier
Harrow Ld

A Tier
B Mappe Cr
La Fleur
Crazy Carlo

B Tier
Jeremy Francois

C Tier
Lamar Cr
Striker Cr

Weifang is useless, and Saki/Aamir is a very high risk style of play where 1 wrong move you can't win anymore. Goal of the Saki/Aamir playstyle is use lots of good at winning low star cards and win 3 rounds, so losing 1 pill battle will lose you the game. It can work but its hard to get a good winrate

Here are the cards that you must use:

Hopper Ld

Here are cards I heavily recommend

Ongh Mt

Cards that are good

Askai Cr
Troompah (if mono)

That's 9 cards, last card I would recommend a Leader heavily, this clan if you go mono you really do need a leader. Something that would help you win rounds is best, because of Jungo's bonus and the powerful defeat cards of Sobek and Zornado you only need 2 rounds 90% of games as Jungo, problem is winning.

So Eyrik, Ambre or Hugo is your best option here.

As you can see though there are not lots of good options in Survivor for Jungo, why do you think the developers gave Jungo a 2nd big? Even with 2 bigs its not a meta clan.

But Sobek Zornado combo is very strong, With these 2 sometimes you only need 1 round. And against GHEIST and Roots if you have Merrie its almost a free win unless you mess up.

monday 26/10/2020

I fight almost 20 matches and appear uses dudley ld and other cards low power without bonuses.

tuesday 29/09/2020

Yeah im pretty casual and just before i left i packed Lorenzald looking forward to swapping him with Scarlacc

sunday 27/09/2020

Im using a rainbow 9 powered deck having a blast man just the beauty of ur is all the options. Sure they might not be meta but playing a diff clan really refreshes the game

monday 21/09/2020

That's only usage

friday 28/08/2020

@Pyro HoA: You and the boys? Everytime I see Lyse Teria, there is an image popping up in my mind.
Black and white image. She, sitting by the window. Rainy afternoon and there is a song playing. Aaall byyyy myseeeeeeelf, don´t wanna be. Aaaaall byyy my seelf, aaaanymore.

Don't play mono survivor unless its gheist or rescue and you're probably playing with a leader

For half deck fpc saitamurai and mamba are staples

friday 26/06/2020

IMO, Hive isn't that dominating in SV, not for last months (or year). The clan is powerful but checked by the more popular clans like Gheist and Nightmare. Other offensive clans can also match them now.

saturday 13/06/2020

You get rewarded even if you lose to end your streak.

Keep going until you lose. Then start over again and try to beat that score smiley

thursday 28/05/2020

Oh yeah good ol deleted. That's really something.

sunday 17/05/2020

I won Lady Ametia Cr from wheel, so i have some money now. smiley Riots and hive sounds fun, i'll try it.

friday 15/05/2020

@ Lux. I am sure amber will remain a potent threat and check to that scenario. I am almost certain she is the most picked leader and I have no data to back it up.

wednesday 22/04/2020

Bangers Baby. Bangers 4 Lyfe. 2hko. All the damage! Vermyn N and friends. Win round 1 and then Win round 2. Good night. KO. That's all folks, minimum damage of 6-8. Apply major pressure. Pill 1 more than you would when you want to win. 1st round counts. Gotta win the first round. Bubbles, lberto and Karl for replenish if necessary. Blidgey OP, mix with eklore to make opponents pill galore. Crush them in the second and third after a bluff first. Guaranteed. Shinobi.....Shinobiiiiiii! Shan the man! Zoe the bro! Lennox for the lols. Mc decay for the truly depraved...good luck.

sunday 19/01/2020

Thank you so much man, you are a top guy smiley I don't remember Survivor was like this in the past but well I've been aways for ages...

tuesday 19/11/2019

1. I believe the reason for the 13 HP (I prefer to call it LP (Life Points) was because of Huracan.) On one hand, while you want to balance cards, if it gets as high is 15LP, cards such as Noctezuma Cr, El Exotico, Quetzal Cr and El Divino will be deadly here. Perhaps Judge Lynch could benefit unfairly?

Personally speaking, as Survivor is not meant to be like EFC which is a KO difficult room, it seems a focus strategy is placed on 2HKO. On the other hand, it's more like a "high stakes free-for-all room". Any card is allowed and virtually any winning strategy can be explored.

It falls under these categories in my opinion:
-Power Modif ( +/- Attack or Ambre )
- All Stars and John Doom Reprisal: -4 Opp. Power, Min 1 was very deadly in EFC when it was allowed.
-Life Modif ( -Damage/ Vholt)
-Reprisal with Ashigaru
-2HKO (John Doom when you're at Reprisal)
-Mono Roots/GHEIST and Ambre
-Damage Reducers and Damage Exchangers (+/- Attack to force Pillz spending)
-Pillz modifiers and Attack boosters/redcuers or Bonus stoppers (To give you better Pillz control)

For me, It's understandable that Freaks don't fare well in this room due to the nature of Poison 2, Min 3. I hardly see Freaks unless Vholt, Uranus, GraksmxxT Mt or Pussycats are involved as they are often associated with strategies aimed against 2HKO and are stalling in nature. Damage Exchange cards are good at being game-stallers, but fare poorly to SOA or Cancel Damage Modif.

I find it sometimes worth settling for this type of win E.g. 5-4.
It's not a KO, but with all 4 rounds, the opponent is under some pressure I guess.

2. I dunno if it's possible with 5 cards. I'd like it and I believe was even brought up by someone from our Guild in a Guild thread.
Not sure about the mechanics, but I'd be a bit curious. I just think Survivor shouldn't be solely luck based. (E.g. 12 cards in a deck) (10 is better to create variance).

While it's true Mr Big Duke ruins damage reducers (In fact, they were very popular and easily won in Survivor before he game), Exchange helped to some extent.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr tuesday 19/11/2019, 12:05

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