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tuesday 04/06/2013

Gratz, dude! That's my best as well smiley

saturday 01/06/2013

friday 31/05/2013

Oops sorry I didn't see the deck name. Don't worry about Anakrohm to Uranus and Eris to Virginia unless you can afford them.

thursday 30/05/2013

That deck needs a Caelus Cr, man.

saturday 25/05/2013

Im still not sure why it got deleted...

friday 24/05/2013

So toro for ksenra...thx for your help
still a newbie in survivor smileysmileysmiley

tuesday 21/05/2013

Nice deck. I would personally change C Beast to Dregn if possible as i prefer to lose my damage then lose my power to SOA as loseing your power can stop you beating an opponents card which needs to be defeated.

wednesday 15/05/2013

Its a good deck but sadly there not really anywhere it can be played lol.

Survivor extended is full of T2 decks and it might be too slow for deathmatch.

You will have to find and event which uses 25* ELO banned allowed decks.

tuesday 14/05/2013


I really like this one.
Three Jungo with heavy manipulation to get their +Life in.
Sylth Cr for poison/bluff.
Huge damage reduction on the Sak side.
And Lilou to turn heavy hitters against themselves when low damage hands are drawn.

Comments and suggestions please! Will do the same for you if you link me to a preset. smiley

sunday 12/05/2013

With a lot of good Dr hw can be fun but his maximums not for everyone smiley

monday 06/05/2013

sunday 05/05/2013

Morphun, grax, uranus, jackie, dorian, herman, ladie, maurice

friday 03/05/2013

Nice deck. When possible I would personally change Malicia to Florida Jane.

Nice deck. smiley

monday 29/04/2013

Just for the record, "why in Sam Elliott's mustache" is the best exclamation I have ever read.

sunday 28/04/2013

I don't think pussycats are good in t2. They don't have enough juice to beat the opponent, and they don't enough damage reduction to block super heavy hitters. I prefer a couple saks.

I've Done Some Changing Around.

So My starter Deck is


And Later on
it turns into something like this

saturday 27/04/2013

Nice deck. I would personally change Ella to wanda and Nellie to Maurice.

Just curious, i encountered a level 16 and level 18 player on survivor.

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