thursday 21/04/2016

So I use this deck , sometimes changing Draheera to XU52. Can you give me some views on it?

wednesday 17/02/2016

Survivor and Fight Club - is different modes. If you take "easily 15 wins" in Fight Club it not does at mean that you win "easily" 15 battles in a row in Surv.

thursday 21/01/2016

How boring do what every one eles dose yawn

they should tweak survivor a bit to make it more different then only these nothing els works decks

Hello All. I am just getting back from along time off from this game. I see that much has changed. Since I havent played in awhile im not really sure how the meta game is anymore. I am currently playing survivor elo and have some question.

This is my deck:
Brok, Mahimata, Sah Brinak, Yodd
Bublgmm, C-wing, Khaali, Naele

I got to 9 wins but still would like some input advice.
Thanks again

thursday 10/12/2015

Try taking wardom out. gheist nightmare works good too. mono pussycats works well also.

thursday 29/10/2015

Its actually

1-14 -> ambre
15+ -> morphum

friday 09/10/2015

tuesday 29/09/2015

Hi! I'm really interested with you guys what deck/s are you using when you try to play Survivor ELO.
maybe you can post your idea here or your deck.
I just got a good winning streak with this deck:
Mafia Surfers[Surv ELO]

sunday 20/09/2015


thursday 27/08/2015

smiley having fun with this one
deleted rate smiley!

tuesday 25/08/2015

Ambre, graks, mokra, Uranus, Vickie cr, Jimmy, Desmond, Fabio

saturday 22/08/2015

Deleted. all of it

monday 10/08/2015

My Best in t2 was
Morphun, Uranus, Graks, Mokra, Lady, Maurice, Jackie Cr and Hefty (when I remember right).
Mostly it is Morphun with Jackie Cr, a lot of DR and a SoB...You 2ill end with Sakrohm and Uppers...mostly.

friday 31/07/2015

sunday 12/07/2015

Idk If terrible.
Morphun, Graks, Vickie, Edd, Jimmy, Jackie Maurice, Lady.
It was more for show. Not really for playing.

friday 03/07/2015

Followed these rules while making a GHEIST mono deck and got 10 victories smiley

thursday 02/07/2015


A 2HKO from La Junta stoped me...

saturday 27/06/2015


Doing life gain in survivor mission next thing I know I have 10 wins

tuesday 23/06/2015

No wonder Kate is so garbage at Duel if this is where she is getting her decks from.

monday 15/06/2015

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