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tuesday 25/05/2010


he needs luis imo
luis' SOA is important to counter PM which can ruin survivor streaks so is a slight safeguard vs that.

friday 21/05/2010

Closed thread because preset does not exist.

thursday 20/05/2010

Whoops i mean pill advantage no disadvantage XD

mono is recommended in elo survivor as is a semi mono deck (6-1-1 splits for example).
examples include rescue who i have seen get high records in this game type and are frequently used in the game type.
however half decks are just as good and will help counter weaknesses lets not forget.
even 4-3-1 splits are still relatively strong in this game type.

so there is a choice with survivor elo
mono - means you always have that ever so important clan bonus in your hand at all times but it might become a struggle vs weaknesses and can guarantee a loss.

dual deck - means you can cover weakness and not have to rely on some dodgy choices for your mono deck however you can experience poor 3-1 splits that can ruin you as the bonus is quite important in elo survivor for the win streak.

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