tuesday 03/09/2013

Nice deck,. smiley

wednesday 28/08/2013

sunday 18/08/2013

16:21 Survivor you won by forfeit against sum4tig, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (1-12): Survivor 3
16:19 Survivor you beat warren74, We are Singaporeans (8-3): Survivor 2
16:14 Survivor you crushed hummano (12-0): Survivor 1
16:10 Survivor you were annihilated by ptitecuillere, Auberge des voyageurs (0-12): Survivor 0
16:07 Survivor you beat GokuSaiyayin, TarJeTeRoS (7-0): Survivor 3
16:05 Survivor you crushed sariita.b.lopez (18-0): Survivor 2
16:01 Survivor you crushed ThisIsItachi (11-0): Survivor 1
15:58 Survivor you were annihilated by Ultrablan, equipo legendario (0-12): Survivor 0
15:54 Survivor you won by timeout against cellinho (3-12): Survivor 7
15:49 Survivor you crushed (q_p), HoA Academy (14-0): Survivor 6
15:46 Survivor you crushed boti6 (15-0): Survivor 5
15:43 Survivor you crushed yuxuan, Windclan (12-0): Survivor 4
15:40 Survivor you crushed derfeind, derfeind (13-0): Survivor 3
15:37 Survivor you won by timeout against jodokastedu, **** MANAGERS TEAN **** (12-12): Survivor 2
15:33 Survivor you won by forfeit against lizotia, ~°°!! ToX HiC !!°°~ (12-5): Survivor 1
15:31 Survivor you lost against Rickie_S, The CheeseHeadz (0-6): Survivor 0
15:27 Survivor you were annihilated by BlackShadowES (1-13): Survivor 0
15:22 Survivor you won by timeout against DerMichi (12-12): Survivor 1
15:20 Survivor you lost by default against terzby, GNF (CYF) (6-5): Survivor 0
15:15 Survivor you drew with ThisIsItachi (1-1): Survivor 1
15:11 Survivor you beat chilla_ypsi (6-0): Survivor 1

saturday 17/08/2013

wednesday 14/08/2013

thursday 08/08/2013

saturday 27/07/2013

I still think Uppers are much more viable ATM. I got 26 ELO using mono Uppers. However, i see Huracan and Sak being the go to combo. For obvious reasons.

thursday 25/07/2013

Thank you to daoc I used nellie until 14 survivor extended rate and comment smiley

PCats + Bridget is definitely viable in Survivor. Works at higher survivor counts in a much different way from most decks. You'll need to pill smartly (obviously, but even more so with PCats) at higher survivor counts, but you should be able to break 10 and go higher.

Staples will definitely include Clover, Malicia, Yayoi, Lena, and Leela. Personally, I'd throw in Florida Jane, and Charlie as my last two.

wednesday 24/07/2013


wednesday 17/07/2013

saturday 13/07/2013

Nothing. I was just wondering. My main concern was the decent 5 damage and the decent damage reduction

wednesday 10/07/2013

I would personally change Sliman to Miss Lizbeth. This way your cards power can be higher then your opponents as you don't have to worry about a minimum.

sunday 07/07/2013

Nice deck. smiley

wednesday 03/07/2013

friday 14/06/2013

thursday 13/06/2013

Interesting deck. smiley

Nice deck. I would personally drop Maurice.

monday 10/06/2013

Interesting deck. I would personally change Miss Lizbeth to Lizbeth, Pesth to Ahkab, Raeth to Selma and Ulrich to Morphun and if possible Serena to Tanaereva Cr.

sunday 09/06/2013

Ok deck. I would personally change Miss Lizbeth to Lizbeth and Sliman to Ahkab.

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