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monday 30/12/2013

Kusuri might help activate Tameshi's Revenge. This is preference of course. Great preset other than that.

sunday 08/12/2013

saturday 30/11/2013

friday 29/11/2013


wednesday 27/11/2013

Lmao he blacklisted me

monday 25/11/2013

sunday 24/11/2013

Nice deck. smiley

monday 18/11/2013

I personally laughed so hard when i saw this: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/special/parents/. with cards like derby queen, Mikki, Marina, and the whole pussycats clan the problem that you see is in one clan's name?

thursday 31/10/2013

Change El Matador with El Gascaro

monday 21/10/2013

The idea that you have an "advantage" over a player just because you have more pillz is just plain silly. The reason that player is at that stage is because they're a somewhat skilled Survivor player; they're not going to go down easily, so the original idea of this post isn't as stupid as some people think.
Your argument is especially invalid if that player also has Morphun on their team. smiley

And finally.. the whole point of Survivor is to survive... and to do that you have to win, obviously.
I absolutely HATE it when people let me win just because I'm at a high streak; it defeats the whole point of Survivor mode.
If I'm good enough to beat you, I will... I don't need you to 'let me win'. If I lose, I lose.
I don't feel guilty one little bit when I defeat people that are on a high streak.. no remorse whatsoever, it does indeed feel more rewarding. smiley
Especially if it's one of those Uppers nubs smiley

tuesday 15/10/2013

Thx guys

wednesday 02/10/2013

Nnbandit, be inventive, don't copy n paste, that's against the rulez! smiley

friday 13/09/2013

Oh I noticed he was blacklisted a few days ago. I was making a pool to see how long until he got blacklisted, nobody took me up on it and I said in two weeks, but it was only one.
They just deleted his record today so that's great smiley

friday 06/09/2013

If you ever think a player is breaking the rules please contact support or a moderator so they can further investigate. Please don't post on the public forums as it can lead to "witch hunts" and floods of insults.


tuesday 03/09/2013

Nice deck,. smiley

wednesday 28/08/2013

sunday 18/08/2013

16:21 Survivor you won by forfeit against sum4tig, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (1-12): Survivor 3
16:19 Survivor you beat warren74, We are Singaporeans (8-3): Survivor 2
16:14 Survivor you crushed hummano (12-0): Survivor 1
16:10 Survivor you were annihilated by ptitecuillere, Auberge des voyageurs (0-12): Survivor 0
16:07 Survivor you beat GokuSaiyayin, TarJeTeRoS (7-0): Survivor 3
16:05 Survivor you crushed sariita.b.lopez (18-0): Survivor 2
16:01 Survivor you crushed ThisIsItachi (11-0): Survivor 1
15:58 Survivor you were annihilated by Ultrablan, equipo legendario (0-12): Survivor 0
15:54 Survivor you won by timeout against cellinho (3-12): Survivor 7
15:49 Survivor you crushed (q_p), HoA Academy (14-0): Survivor 6
15:46 Survivor you crushed boti6 (15-0): Survivor 5
15:43 Survivor you crushed yuxuan, Windclan (12-0): Survivor 4
15:40 Survivor you crushed derfeind, derfeind (13-0): Survivor 3
15:37 Survivor you won by timeout against jodokastedu, **** MANAGERS TEAN **** (12-12): Survivor 2
15:33 Survivor you won by forfeit against lizotia, ~°°!! ToX HiC !!°°~ (12-5): Survivor 1
15:31 Survivor you lost against Rickie_S, The CheeseHeadz (0-6): Survivor 0
15:27 Survivor you were annihilated by BlackShadowES (1-13): Survivor 0
15:22 Survivor you won by timeout against DerMichi (12-12): Survivor 1
15:20 Survivor you lost by default against terzby, GNF (CYF) (6-5): Survivor 0
15:15 Survivor you drew with ThisIsItachi (1-1): Survivor 1
15:11 Survivor you beat chilla_ypsi (6-0): Survivor 1

saturday 17/08/2013

wednesday 14/08/2013


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