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ı can do bm mission for you

Threads begging for cards will be deleted as there has been an increase in the number of multi-accounts doing this.

For example

"Please send me any card for 50clintz"

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Hello everyone,

Following the BM of Enigma, there has been a multitude of fraudulent exchanges and players who have been ripped off.

We will try to manage all this as well as possible,
The rules of the Sales forum are strict in order to be able to protect buyers and sellers as well as possible,
On all current BM topics, being able to manage exchanges is really complicated

So here is what we have decided:
Allowed on the Sales forum: All regulated subjects of the SALE, BUY, TRADE & AUCT type
Prohibited on the Sales forum: [BM] subjects with proposed trades that moderation does not/cannot manage

This is why we opened the following topic [BM] which will be usable by everyone: [BM] Topic for Black Market trading

With abuse, fraud and theft in this kind of situation, the support does not reimburse players, the generation of cash is already enormous, the support cannot double the gains by compensating the losses of the players on such quantities!
Thus, it is the full responsibility of the players if a BM trade turns into a scam in terms of its loss, make your trades with players you TRUST!

HOWEVER, the theft and the scam do not go unpunished, obviously the moderation is there, you just have to quickly PM us the link of the player who does not pay or honour the exchange and this player will get a MARKET BAN. The ban can/will be undone if the player decides to complete the trade.

The penalties for not following the rules:
- A market ban of 3 months
- A market ban of 6 months after a 2nd offence

So do not steal smiley

Good game everyone!

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Can we indeed have a sample content just like what Joker Mt said

The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


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I wan't to trade Hewa for Cr pm with offers.
Some of my wish list includes :Beeboy Cr , Rowdy Cr , Valhala Cr , Dakota Cr , Drakorah Cr , Dr Copernica Cr etc.

Done , thanks everyonesmiley

Still available

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With Xuul Ran!

As per title.
Trade x2 Cortez Cr full xp for 1 Spyke Mt any xp.
Each Cortez Cr for 10.5M ea.
Offer are appreciated smiley


Hi all!

I am looking for one Kalindra Cr 0xp and one Roderick any XP. In exchange, I give you one Maana Cercei Cr 0xp

Cheers smiley

You got Kolos and Mecha-Kolos to sell little cheaper than market price ?

Trading GURU CR for Griffonmor smiley

Trading some 0 xp cards for full xp + clintz, see below:

1 Grudj MT
1 Shiagi MT
1 A Award Cr
5 Bankee Cr
1 Berserkergirl Cr
1 Bloodh Cr
1 Boris Cr
1 Corvus Cr
3 Dakota Cr
1 Dalhia Cr
1 Diego Cr
1 Dj Korr Cr
1 Dorian Cr
1 Dr Coppernica Cr
1 Drobb Cr
14 Edd 12 Cr
13 Edd 13 Cr
2 Edd Cr
1 Emeth Cr
1 Flavio Cr
1 Florina Jane Cr
1 Gil Cr
1 Greem Cr
1 Kerry Cr
1 Lady Ametia Cr
1 Maana Cercei Cr
1 Marshal Cr
1 Melissa Cr
1 Miss Twice Cr
1 Oon Cr
1 Pr Crushing Cr
3 Rhed Cr
13 Sandro Cr
1 seldnor Cr
1 Shaakarti Cr
1 Skullface Cr
1 Splata Cr
1 Striker Cr (I also have one lvl 2 if interested...)
1 Thorpah Cr
1 Uchtul Cr
1 Valhala Cr
1 Vickie Cr
1 Volkan Cr
1 Wonder Lana Cr
2 Akrakk
3 Crook
1 Enigma
3 Mr Dark
1 Mr Spool
6 No Love
1 Scarlacc
1 Saitamarai
1 X-Hares
2 Xerpes


Relevant smiley
your Griffonmor = my Splata Cr + Merweiss Cr + Behemoth Cr

Hello, I'm selling a 0exp General Mt but I'm willing to accept trade offers. The only stipulation is that I need at least 160M of it to be in clintz, and the rest can be cards. PM me for offers.

Open to offers.

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