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I think what UR is trying to do with this here is they’re trying to flush out all the broken staples and clan leaders from collector packs so the chart evens itself out somehow thus building a system where you have the regular collectors as the cheap end stuff and the mythics which are premium end collectors.

And as that occurs the cards that are weird common drops like Askai cr and sledg cr gradually move up the ranks eventually becoming higher end prizes and eventually mythics as those cards above them get flushed out and they become the most important available collector of their clans.

I mean that’s how I think it’s working and how id like to see it work since you have to let the market just do it’s thing organically instead of replacing one broken mythics spot with a new broken collector card being announced.

Have fun in grinding the missions there smiley

Hello everyone

Now that the Administrator is in the game, there new chances to get calculated. To help u guys, i made a sheet of every existing ability in the game, included semi abilities, leaders and oculus abilities. This list already give u the chance of hitting a specific ability when hazard is being used. This list will be updated everytime new cards are released, or old ones are updated. Hav fun and game on!!!

Google docs with all abilities

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Is there a way to select all the Crs or Mts in iclintz? i can only select one clan per once?

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Once you own a certain percentage of a clan (I think its 80%), you unlock that clan’s battle arena. You can set which one shows by clicking the ‘Game’ tab then ‘Characters’. You can also change it via your profile settings (which is also the only way to re-set the default, or set it to random).

Removed Kolos Trick as I see it hardly is relevant in today.

Kolos Trick is just using Ambre and #Kolos Cr together. Usually for 100 Attack and 12 Damage.

Updated the definition of Big 5 due to General Mt`s link not working.

Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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I think we should stop buying at ridiculous prices but then again there are people who have 7 million copies of each card and won't be stopped

Or just sell commons from that clan that had bm smiley


Ultra Evo

Graksmxxt Mt
Ability: -5 opp damage, min 1

Ultra Evo
Ability: -5 opp damage, min 1

Ultra Evo
Ability: Stop opp. Bonus

Oh perfect, here we go... lets make prices even higher! smiley
and I remember few months ago Saga said prices will go back to normal in future. Yikes.

Off topic chat not pinned anymore?

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The point is to make things "normal" w/o actually changing anything. Which I totally support.

He faced the player in training mode. It is possible in training to run doubles.

On an individual basis, I could maaaaaybe see Serafina having a unique argument simply because her ability prevents 2HKOs on any round aside from SOA, but her categorization of power level has to be on a different gauge since her ability is one of a kind among high star cards (Nemo Mt has his ability, but his base stats are very low). I wouldn't personally put her as the best, but her ability does give her something no other card really has.

sunday 18/04

@ARD RAD XD Let's try to keep hiring/doing the BM for others in [BM] Topic for Black Market trading v3, thanks smiley

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