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I was just challenged in fight club by a random player, clicked accept but no battle loaded.
now there's a new "you lost by timeout" logged in by battle history.

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Wanna see some magic tricks ?
Spend the rest of your clintz to Borgia's Palace

In first post is link

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Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


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I met the Bot in training no Pillz. I lost because I wasn't paying attention. smiley


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Daily update smiley

monday 13/07

Nice you guys managed to add a semi-evo instead of removing another one and ruining more investments. xD

Madabook is alright, but the damage is a little low for my liking. Schredder is a great card to unban keep it going free up the format. Lastly you guys destroyed another couple of Ld's I see. Oh well.

saturday 11/07

So Cortez skipped town while Sah Brinak is most likely dead. Unless she comes back later, changed due to the encounter.

The Ability description on Fungus needs to be fixed. Currently says " This effect activates if the opposing card is opposite Fungus." This should be 'activates if the opposing card is NOT opposite of Fungus.'

Might confuse people here.

friday 10/07

I fought him twice in survivor.

thursday 09/07

In certain game modes you get A LOT of extra battle points when you play with one of the blue Mythic (MT) cards. If that's the info you were after... smiley

monday 06/07

@Anzboy, i think she will be in the crypto packs until she is officially a mythic. but at the original rate as the event with the drop rate booster has ended.

sunday 05/07

I am amazed how I can't get her, but basically pulled nearly every other cr from over 50 mil of spins and over 30 cr packs in the last 2 days even enigma from the rare slot on the regular wheel but not her

tuesday 30/06

Blaaaaayn senpaaaaai noticed meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I agree with spagr that the current El Chiquito mission seems pointless for the ultra rich and poor alike....... or at least it SEEMS that way.
Perhaps there is one person chugging away buying those copies for more than the break even 5250 amount just to finish the mission even if they take a loss.
Maybe, just maybe, the reward isn't what is posted; perhaps the reward is 50 million clintz, not 5M...... NEVER put ANYTHING past Kate, she's a master of illusion smiley

I also agree with spagr in that I hope to see more "moderate" missions that most players can finish like "sell 100 copies of Sopiket for 2M" (hint hint) smiley

It's limited because it is efc and certain clans are more used/strong

monday 29/06

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Oops that was just me. I had to recreate each hyperlink.

I had a “fun” experience with Kate in survivor that made me respect her more in survivor.

I was battling someone who had these following cards in the hand: Two Kuwaka (one of them was Kate), Seta and GraksmxxT Mt.
My hand was four random 5 star 9 power cards.

In the first round the first round the first Kuwaka got played and I decided to 0 pilz because I didn’t find it worth it. It turn out to be Kate... and from there I simple lost the match. I couldn’t do anything to comeback and I was so surprised by the bluff.

Kate is a strong bluff card if she copies the right cards

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@Cutmyself : could you give me details about this glitch please?

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