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There are some issues with editing as it leads to line breaks.
I will not be editing this for a while because of it. The formatting to Sentinel SemiEvos is broken as of now.

Editor's note: Not broken anymore, guide updated and cleaned up on 3/3

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Why Lowki still ban in ELO ? smiley

Special Notes:
I rewrote Crook`s ability in that list from the original wording to avoid confusion towards his ability affecting you with Bugamon`s ability wording taken to account.
Crook`s ability from his profile: Night: Vict. Or Def.: -1 Life & Pillz, Min 0

Crook LOWERS your OPPONENT`S Life and Pillz by 1 to a minimum of 0 upon Victory or Defeat.

These are the Day/Night abilities for reference.

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monday 30/11

friday 13/11

I think if you are getting back into the game and want to play ELO, try playing with Nightmare, Gheist and or Roots.

I say this because:
Nightmare: Stop Opp Bonus.
Gheist / Roots: Stopp Opp Ability.

They are not the top clans but they will simplify the game by removing your opponent's ability or bonus. Play that while you learn what every one else is playing.

friday 06/11

thursday 05/11

Hi I am looking for a good Jungo deck for EFC. Either Mono or another clan.

I have access to all the characters except Ongh and HopperLD

Many Thanks!

wednesday 04/11

First, try playing ALL arcade missions. smiley You will get many, many rares, cryptocoinz for collectors and even tickets for the wheel of fortune. If you have not found Hopper Ld after that, you can do the LD missions that are mentioned on the 'missions' page of the website. Good luck! smiley

friday 23/10

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Having lots of damage and damage reduction cards puts you in a situation of control over your opponent. Attack manipulation clans are good for beginners.. also you can create decks with 5 cards from one clan and 3 from another.
Creating a good deck is a major thing in efc but also you need to learn how to start your match because there's a lot of different approaches. It takes experience so i'll just tell you to try different decks, don't give up on a deck too early thinking it's not good enough, maybe you only.need to adjust your strategy. smiley

monday 19/10

So a losely related question - has anyone ever had success with giving the staff suggestions about the game? What would be the best way to get at least their opinion on the matter?

thursday 15/10

It has been reported several times. No fix yet sadly

thursday 08/10

Thanks, I wasn’t sure I saw that information in the rules.

wednesday 30/09

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That Ld is not available in Arcade mode. Each of the Ld missions gives one random Ld that you don't have, so you'll have to go that route. Fortunately, the missions are far easier than they used to be.

monday 21/09

I'm pretty sure that at least 80% of ELO games are 50/50 if both players know what they are doing!

Good luck on your 50/50! smiley

monday 07/09

Thanks, that's definitely much more convenient. Would still appreciate notifications including the cards you received since I'm sure that's how it was before, hopefully staff can look into it.

saturday 15/08

The 10th rank should be 900+- elo , Scores go up considerably on Sunday

two weeks back I had the same qs and the top 10 guy went from 750 to 880 so you can expect something around the same or probably more (seeing the Scarlett reward)
So yeah I expect it around 900 the 10th guy

friday 31/07

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Next up are the weekly missions since each clan has 1 arcade ld and 1 mission ld.
once you have lds EFC decks aren't too expensive and you should definitely be able to tweak your deck based on bans and unbans with the rewards you get from just playing the game.

sunday 26/07

Do protect and cancel block opponents' exchange abilities now? i seem to remember them not doing so. i was definitely part of an angry discussion back when protection was new over how many instances there were where it didn't actually protect...

friday 17/07

Use DR and a leader maybe, but tbh he isnt the most viable card because...

A. 6 Power w/o power or attack manipulation

B. Ability dependent, so SoA kills ot

C. Weak to abilities like Cancel opp life modif. Or DRs.

In general he isn't consistent enough to warrant use.

Try out cards like Christopher or Pan, much easier to build around.

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