friday 06/07

Raser Ld is the prize for Arcade Season 2 HQ 4 Hardcore, and is also in the pool for the random weekly mission reward.

friday 29/06

Ho I see ok, thanks for make it clear smiley

thursday 28/06

I usually play nightmare cards and Piranhas , but I think you can win with any clan . In the past I've gotten high ranking in tourney just by playing a full pussy cat deck and this was before their heavy hitters came along . I agree with Miko and Jerroymy it's just how you play them and your deck building skills . I think the key is finding out what your opponent is thinking ,and figuring out how to out smart them or take them out .

tuesday 26/06

monday 25/06

Ok thanks for information smiley

sunday 24/06

Hmm that actually sounds interesting wht would a deck like that look like?

tuesday 19/06

No, there is no penalty for timing out.

Before it was -20 points and any forfeit of all bonus points obtained in the previous rounds.

wednesday 30/05

She's probably best suited to other modes, and there are plenty of scenarios where she ends up being redundant, but there's definitely a case for Jasmine. 8/5 is formidable enough, and I love the copy/block combination. Amiral Coco is one of my favourite 2 stars in the game. I can't imagine many would particularly enjoy facing the two together & GHEIST hate them.

saturday 26/05

Thank you brother.. But you know I've been using La Junta since a while for tourney.. The deck you suggested is really cool.. But the problem is that Isatis and Floyd are banned now in T1 Tourney.

Second deck looks cool.. Gonna try it smiley

monday 23/04

@professor pub you need to be level 21 to unlock private salessmiley

wednesday 18/04

Curie eh , mmm yeah there are alot of stopp ability i think i need that

tuesday 17/04

Oxana is pretty unstable for a bi-clan deck so Saki if bi clan and i rather much prefer Kruger than Shaker

monday 16/04

*Made that edit for a working Hyperlink.

Spyke Mt is an Mt now. Lucky you. smiley

Still wonder about if the Collectors in the Cr chests change over time or if they are stable.
I have doubts on the price estimates based on my observations, but it is nice to know an up-to-date price range.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr monday 16/04, 07:29

thursday 05/04

Don't forget you can have more than 8 cards in a deck, so you can load up on nothing but 2* and 3* and still be valid for T2.

wednesday 28/03

@Izy7: It's not like it's a secret anymore
Most players know that

wednesday 21/03

tuesday 20/03

Lehane is unbanned

Switch John to Lehane and upgrade Valentina/Carmen to a 4*

I've read the comments, and all I want to say is thank you.

I think I've gotten a little too into my head when playing them (making me even worse than normal) and I found some ways to play/build around those pesky piranas without joining them smiley.

Special thanks to GWN Matrix. I'm taking a lot of that advice to heart, and I'll try out some of those suggestions when I get Oriold/Blink and a few others. Thanks again everyone; I forgot how helpful this community can be.

friday 16/03

Rescue for tourneys

saturday 10/03

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