sunday 20/01

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Thank you staff, for hearing us out smiley

saturday 19/01

After re-reading the last page which contains some last words from the original Dregn; it brings up an interesting point. In a way, he still won even in death. Whether Hive or Vortex takes over, part of him will always be there to rule along with Scylla/Maana Cersei. (See Alpha/Omega Dregn.)

wednesday 16/01

I use android so i cant comment on IOS

saturday 12/01

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Old elo was the best

friday 11/01

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Is this price decrease from 250 down to 190 credits permanent for future Arena Packs, or was this a one time offer during the Winter Sale?

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@LoA Impala: Ambre... smiley

wednesday 09/01

If they are just starting to slowly release these clan arena's, I don't see them changing from the top down view for a very long while Babs. I'm not sure their plan for pacing the release dates but at the very earliest I don't see them releasing the next 27 in a year. Then I don't imagine them changing it soon afterwards as people will have paid a lot of money just for the skin. A year or two is just a bit optimistic before we see a more landscape style possibly return.

Also, I expected my clan arena emote idea to get atleast one response smiley haha.

monday 07/01

Whats up with the -NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN- and a bunch of Ns

sunday 06/01

No problem and yeah it feels like for ever

saturday 05/01

Kuai Liang

thursday 03/01

The IOS app is still crashing every time I try to open it. Haven played in over two weeks pretty much at all. I’m 99% mobile user. I like the app for battles and I have a flash browser that I’m using right now for forum stuff and the market is nicer here. It doesn’t really do battles though.

tuesday 01/01

I would guess the big announcement has to do with the next comic.

monday 31/12/2018

Sorry, it was La Junta W4r Ld.

friday 28/12/2018

Wilo Ld is a poor noel substitute. I would have preferred UR not ruining a holiday tradition over the gift.

tuesday 25/12/2018

Travis LD is a new Uranus now

saturday 22/12/2018

Alpha Dergn is like mage and omega dergn like a tank lol smiley

friday 21/12/2018

thursday 20/12/2018

It uses pre set hands. I personally like it but I understand some people wont.

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What's up with fixing a mobile version. Still same situation with no possibility to play in t1/t2/survival/free fight...No friggin play button!!!smiley

wednesday 19/12/2018

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