tuesday 17/09

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@Maka & Kevin

saturday 14/09

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What's up with pokeball symbol in the background though smiley

thursday 12/09

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"From Thursday:
-New buying back prices from Kate for Collectors cards"

Just checked. Banner is already there but it still doesn't work until now.
So beware when trying to sell your cheap CRs to Kate.

tuesday 10/09

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One bad luck and you dead.

sunday 08/09

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@Aguia. Pretty much a standard AI fight then. smileysmiley

saturday 07/09

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I bought it 1 300 000. Easy.

friday 06/09

I fully agree with you Isolator. The only people this new cr price is going to help, are the market sharks and new players

thursday 05/09

@Isolator GUB: As far as I know that was shelved when the team changed. Though I know as much as every other player when it comes to updates.

sunday 01/09

Will there be an announcement on Monday when he becomes available on Elite pack?

friday 30/08

Seville is a beautiful city, perhaps i'll drive down to meet you smiley

wednesday 28/08

I wonder if you people could tell us how many reached the final reward

tuesday 20/08

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I’m glad they’re back, but yea that was an awkward transition time...

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Any new coli soon?

monday 19/08

Hulahukah should be banned from EFC smiley

friday 16/08

Roderick is the unstoppable beasts of UR imo. Nero and even revenged Ymirah have to pill 9/10 just to TIE him if facing mono. He's there to win rounds, and is best countered by DR (and oddly a half-decked Joan Cena or Neeck)
Awhile back, someone did a quick analysis of big cards, and (if I remember correctly) Roderick was in the lead by a long shot, followed by Guru and the Fang Pi guy. Then came the rest ending with General Cr (who lost versus everyone due to his 7 pwr).

(I did a quick search and found the post: Big cards Versus chart . Not going to change my above message, as it was generally correct).

monday 12/08

Will it be possible for players below Z Palace to vote aswell? Maybe with less votes for lower placements.

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@eot_anomaly just wait smiley

sunday 11/08

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Just a thought: What about a way to control inflation? Keep the prices the way they are without letting them increase. In 2-3 years, cards may have doubled prices while I'm busy trying to save up for them. I get it, the rarity of the cards plays a factor, but some of the cheap, cheap, cheap cards are the same price they always have been and here I am busting my butt for Lyse Teria Cr and General Mt.

It would be nice to see a more "efficient" way of getting these cards rather than just a bland grind. I keep thinking about all of the cards in the old accounts no one will ever access again and how I can't have them. smiley

thursday 08/08

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Damn boi

monday 05/08

Why do I see Adytia Ld in the NB Packs smileysmiley

Is that supposed to be a mistake?

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