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friday 29/12/2017

Congratulations to the winners in advance smiley

1. DyossHS
2. Myself > I pick meme_HOA
3. DarthDaivansh
4. Double post > I pick HammerShark12
5. Babs Hartley

wednesday 27/12/2017

@Blayn_HOA gotta pray that someone pulls a huge +life card smiley

tuesday 26/12/2017

Karma from assassination classroom has everything a president needs, in fact, he even studies politics in the end of the anime.

I know it's not very creative or funny, but realistically he's the best choice.

(Just realized the giveaway is done)

monday 25/12/2017

No, we are good. I should have slowed down a bit and made sure. Sorry again

It is ok

sunday 24/12/2017

Alright guys, last free avatar was reedemed by Tsaar, thank for all the requests and happy christmas!smiley

Hello everyone!

Its a busy time of the year and I have news:

There are still players waiting on compensation as well as their prizes, this will mean I will have to send them as soon as possible which may be in the morning.

Collectors lottery will go forward as planned, unfortunetely, the lottery will now be held from 27th of December until the 30th December.

This will be the fight in the elimination Lottery held by yours truly: Random.org & DarkBlood.

This elimination Lottery process will take 3 days to complete!

Thanks everyone!

saturday 23/12/2017

Thank you AmberRed1994 and Merry Christmas everyone!!!

friday 22/12/2017

Wooo Happy Holidays!!!...also join up.

Okay this event is now closed smiley

thursday 21/12/2017

Hello, UR

A full week of enjoyment lets add more a FIFA 18 event!!!


-Target 16 players-


wednesday 20/12/2017

Not enough people interested it seems
consider it removed

monday 18/12/2017

Hello everyone, the event is now closed, please leave me a PM of your days if you haven't claimed your rewards yet.

sunday 17/12/2017

20:00 Hours Promo that will last until midnight:

All players that already own a ticket can purchase ANOTHER ticket!
This ticket still costs 5k.

Take the most of this special offer and up your chances of winning this years Collector Card!


Congratulations to the winners of a Collector Lottery Ticket!

The offer to pay for a ticket has now started! Good luck to everyone!

saturday 16/12/2017

THanks so much!!!!! Hope you have a great year. ^___^

38 Players had joined the event, the prize below:

If 30 player's joins will win 2 Uncommon Cards!

The winner of this event goes after the casting vote by random.org: RudraRusin

Three bonus players will also by awarded a Collector Lottery Ticket, the three players are the following:

Anthony X 777

Congratulations to the card winner & the Collector Lottery entrance winners!

Happy birthday Jeremy!

wednesday 13/12/2017

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