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wednesday 09/03/2011

Why did you ban everyone?

Spread the word we need 6-10 more players and we can start.

tuesday 08/03/2011

Yeah ,a nd then the rpizes woudl be Zero , and everyone would win zero clintz.
Think twice twice before Post soemthign that barely has nothing to do witht the lotto
If your making a suggestion , feel free to pm me

Enjoying all the responses here..*sarcasm*

Umm, I guess i'm gonna wait until there is a simple way of handing out prizes..

monday 07/03/2011

sunday 06/03/2011

Plz don't join as i wish to do this event at a later point in time. I cannot delete the event however mods plz fix

friday 04/03/2011

16 spots remain. Battles begin on Monday.

You Working Too Much ?
Wanna Have Some Fun ?
Your Thrill Is Gone Away ?

Well , Here is something i doubt you wont like ! deleted Created by Cllosal And Helped By a Group of People Knwon As " The House " deleted Is a place where you put in a deposit of 15 Clintz , and are rewarded with hours of fun ! Gambling games and lotteries , with 15 Chips given as soon as you click enter you can enter a betting for the Deal or Steal matches ! Enter a lotto to win great cards and More Chips , AND you can play some of your FAVE games , like blackjack and more ! Join deleted !

C0L0SSAL And " The House "

thursday 03/03/2011

This is filling up nicely.

wednesday 02/03/2011

You ask the event-creator to withdraw/eliminate you, or ask the staff to withdraw you, if the event-creator is inactive. I'm not certain if the last one is actually being done, but I think it's possible.

tuesday 01/03/2011

Press the tournament name (it it is allocated green), and there there are all conditions in Russian and English.

monday 28/02/2011

Event for my level 45

@Reap-DvF: I considered donations from the staff as "staff funding" which was the case in deleted where Euzebe donated a Kerozinn Cr to the prizes. smiley

sunday 27/02/2011

saturday 26/02/2011

friday 25/02/2011

Not working for me too

thursday 24/02/2011


A fun event where you have to use your imagination.

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