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thursday 03/03/2011

This is filling up nicely.

wednesday 02/03/2011

You ask the event-creator to withdraw/eliminate you, or ask the staff to withdraw you, if the event-creator is inactive. I'm not certain if the last one is actually being done, but I think it's possible.

tuesday 01/03/2011

Press the tournament name (it it is allocated green), and there there are all conditions in Russian and English.

monday 28/02/2011

Event for my level 45

@Reap-DvF: I considered donations from the staff as "staff funding" which was the case in deleted where Euzebe donated a Kerozinn Cr to the prizes. smiley

sunday 27/02/2011

saturday 26/02/2011

friday 25/02/2011

Not working for me too

thursday 24/02/2011


A fun event where you have to use your imagination.

Come join. It's awesome. More people = more prizes

monday 21/02/2011

Oops sorry my friend i deleted the event and i forgot to close this thread.Apologies. smiley

saturday 19/02/2011


My friend asked me to post this smiley



friday 18/02/2011

We need some buyers

Registration for this event closes tomorrow, and the game starts then.

Join while you still can!!!

The third round will complete on monday when i get on, which is around 4pm PST. The fourth round woll start then and be based on Eyrik

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