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thursday 15/01/2009

New b team comic woo hoo!smiley

monday 12/01/2009

"you said yourself you can get more points playing noobs in the beginner rooms (which personally I dont quite believe, if the farm was set up correctly)"
Noobs always have at least 1 five star. In these rooms most people don't and if they do they won't play a hugo when they can play a lehane. You only get 1 round in most of these rooms meaning low points. If you could go four rounds and save the same amount of pills you would get more points.

"why are you actually the advocate for these kinds of 'farms'?"
When "It's not bad. It ackual quite fun. Anyway the rooms should be used for thouney but people should still get the bonus points from it. I play in a recent thouney and found that the unused pill bonus was gone. I think it should be bought back as it a fun way to play and helps people to level. Whta so wrong about this, we do it for cards in lsot warehouse." is the best argument for it, I decided to throw my hat in the race.

"Where you in one of these events?"
Yep, joined someones.. Didn't play cause he kept pm play then no one was in the room. Then joined another room and it was alright.

"Or are you angry that you didnt think of it yourself and that now you cant make em anymore?"
Simple; No.

"Did you really expect the admins to anticipate every possible exploit and make the rules about them, as soon as the event tool was equipped?"
If they couldn't have thought for one second someone wouldn't make a old room then they aren't that smart... Enough said.
*Ending this no text left*

tuesday 06/01/2009

Thanks for that! smiley

wednesday 31/12/2008

Yeah the staff will NEVER ask to give the password. i was 2 time in blacklistsmileysmiley and have some work but never ask from the passwoed

sunday 28/12/2008

Hmm..... its faster, and allows you to send messages quicker

friday 19/12/2008

It's released. smiley

thursday 18/12/2008

Lol well uk £1 is now 1 euro

thursday 04/12/2008

I just want sents, honestly
if new gheist come as well, i have no objections

saturday 29/11/2008


sunday 23/11/2008

There is so many buttons smiley
its really hard to make event but the hardest part is to find enough players.
little request- can you make letters little biger?


saturday 22/11/2008

Congrats Cauliflower smiley

wednesday 19/11/2008

The best new mod in my opinion, I know him (kind of XD) and he's a great person... smiley

Good luck! And stop hiding from this thread... XD

tuesday 18/11/2008

I think Griezzo is nice work the rest are good but i like the fact he is chained up (not that i have ever been smiley )

sunday 16/11/2008

Also the only way to get into an event you have created is to either join it and its on your homepage or search for it that just takes a bit of time i think all events you have created should be on your homepage

sunday 09/11/2008

Boris is the freaks leader

friday 07/11/2008

Make Sure U Have Adobe Flash Player Downloaded .

tuesday 04/11/2008

monday 03/11/2008

Sorry everybody.

friday 31/10/2008

Nah next should be Sakrohm and All Stars

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