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monday 03/01/2011

Like Kripton said, puzzles smiley

sunday 02/01/2011

As a tribute to alavaye I'm hosting a nice RE event for my guildmates in Time Conquers All.
It's in the exact same style and format as Alavayes Gotham (K)nights used to be.

At the moment I have 29 characters while I need 24 for the guildevent. Could you have a look at the event and see which 5 characters you think are the least cool and deserve to get benched for this one?

Also if you like the event please leave a comment in the event itself. If there are enough players interested I might host a public Resident Evil event as well.

You can find the link here: Resident Evil - A tribute to Alavaye

saturday 01/01/2011

Yes, worst pun ever, but nonetheless this should be a highly enjoyable event. You're looking at an unusual deck format with weird restrictions, high quality players, a generous prize payout, and a known and respected event organizer with credibility and integrity. If you'd like to join in the fun, or maybe just check it out and leave a comment, here is the link!


Thank you sincerely for your time in reading this post and checking out my event and I hope to see you in it!

thursday 30/12/2010

Four players currently....

This is an awesome event! join up!

tuesday 28/12/2010

sunday 26/12/2010

You can win credits, clintz and collectors!! smiley
Just enter!

Lottery ---CR--- 1 Winner

saturday 25/12/2010

Immortality Guild Promotion This is a lotto, to make people aware of the new guild created by IM_Futura and I. Prizes will be distributed by Random.org

Please join deleted

Ah i forgot a link XD sorry deleted

click the link and click join

Pls join everyone... there is a lot of good prices here.. smiley smiley

friday 24/12/2010


Join up! Alec Cr and other prizes! A fun event that includes battling, writing, and a lottery!

Great prizes such as noodile cr, terry cr, cliff, glosh, vladimir and numerous jeto's smiley

Now with over 50 people that joined.

Don't miss the celebration smiley

Join up, its a good event smiley

Join guys! Registration will close at 16 smiley

thursday 23/12/2010

Deck Publishing

This event is made up of 1 round and will go for a week and three days. There will be no fights but there will be a task. You have to make 1 deck and publish it. There will be specific rules on the deck format. It will cost 100 clintz to get in and who ever get the highest rating deck wins.

1st - Jackpot and something later revealed

Decks posted in French section

Deck Publishing

wednesday 22/12/2010

The Jackpot is currently at 1110000 Clintzsmiley

Woops forgot the link deleted

tuesday 21/12/2010

Leader event where each round features a Leader. We start off with Timber and work our way through the rest, disregarding Vansaar and Ashigaru. Join and have a Phun Run. Donations happily accepted.

Wee. Its an event featuring Leaders

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