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saturday 18/12/2010

friday 17/12/2010

A free guild event for The Guild of Mysteries
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Three possible matches lined up, but there's a group of players (who, I don't know) spamming the comments and event rating. It's gone from +2800 to -780, and every comment got deleted. Until the staff clears this up, the event is going to be impossible to coordinate. Sucks that a malicious guild/group can make things so difficult.

You know, I completely forgot to link to the event. smiley
Movie Madness

thursday 16/12/2010

Updated with better and new prizes, the best prize is Smokey Cr + Jackpot!

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I made an event and nobod cn play in it , every time i try to challenge someone it says ... Uknown error .
This is really frustrating as i cannpot do anything in my event !!!!!!

Prince Jr introduces his latest boxing events, deleted and deleted
These 2 events have different formats and there are only 16 slots for each event.

The prizes for both of these events are as follows:

The Heavyweight or Featherweight Champion will win:
-an imaginary champion belt
-10% of the jackpot (total of 20% of the jackpot)

The runner-up will win:
-5% of the jackpot (total of 15% of the jackpot)

The top 8 players will win:
-10% of the jackpot each

The entrance fee is only 200 clintz.
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[These events are brought to you by Chocomuscle, the new generation snack that makes you lose weight while pumping your muscles since September 2006.]

Please join and have a good Christmas.

Its because the event hasnt started yet!

wednesday 15/12/2010

Looking for 2-3 more players. smiley

tuesday 14/12/2010

Now there is a golden ticket to C0L0SSAL 's deleted

monday 13/12/2010

This just proves there should be a support system that forbids or at least asks you if you really want to sell that card so low. A few months back i wasn't able to sell my Timber pfulls because i wanted more than 5 times of what timber normally sells at. If they can do that, why not protect players, rather than hinder them in market activites. I just sold my oxp vermyn n for 2.5k because my computer froze.. so annoying.

sunday 12/12/2010


This it is an event but multitudinal possible where to demonstrate the good will on UR, all we are going to give another player one or two cards estimated between 2500 and 5000 clintzs at the most the invisible friend will be chosen randomly

All the participants must prepare his/her gift for his/her invisible friend, the gift should be done the epiphany day ( 5th january 2011) if you wouldn't do it that day,you will be informed with enough anticipation to make the gift on a nearest day.

Join to it!!!!

9 more!

Ok 4 Spots Left !!
Jackpots Hit 15k !!!

An unusual event, unusual, but for this attractive.
Strategy of construction of the deck to get to the final prize.

A first group stage, then the final stage.
An event for everyone, both costs for credentials.

Come there!

saturday 11/12/2010

This is my event and costs only 200.Battle each player atleast twice.There are 3 stages.The first stage is Type1 and no leaders but there are elo banned cards. The second Stage is Type2.Leaders allowed but no elo banned.The 3rd and final stage is a rainbow deck. I pick 8 random cards and every1 must use those cards.If you don't have the cards then message me and we'll work things out.

Still need 8 more people to join!

friday 10/12/2010

Jacpot currently at 2.2K, stopping at 10K

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