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thursday 09/12/2010

Rego open till saturday

Ugh I keep forgetting this, but thank you!

Mahdin_DVF has taken his rightful place as the representative of Survivng Survivors: Guild Wars! smiley

wednesday 08/12/2010

The event has started smiley

You can close this topic, thanks moderators smiley

Still alot of spaces open so join up


I released the date, Dec 18th!!


tuesday 07/12/2010

Join and vote green too!

Thx mods

monday 06/12/2010

saturday 04/12/2010

I have been refused from this event, may i have a chance?

Close plz, i'll b deleting the event or playing only with those alrdy in for lack of players

thursday 02/12/2010

4 accepted members.

More prizes added

wednesday 01/12/2010

Sporting vs Lille
Choose a team to the match tonight, for the Europe League (UEFA) smiley

Good Luck smiley

Are you sick of your boring avatar or outdated avatar?
Are you short of extra clintz to spend on a nice avatar?

Then this event is for you!
In this event, you simply play as many battles as you think you need to over the course of 1 week, and you could win a top notch custom avatar!
Toshiro's Avi Giveaway

tuesday 30/11/2010

3 more participants and we can start. You get to share your UR info with others. You can make new friends, you can meet people. Why not join? Its a fun event with friendly atmosphere. So join now

Closing registration, members of the event know why.

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