monday 22/11/2010

You can use any cards you want mate and pm me privatly if you want to fight me and stop moaning if you not interested then stop spaming

sunday 21/11/2010


Please Join.

The pussycat Cr's and i dont reay care that im in the rong section xx


Make sure your founder joins first.

saturday 20/11/2010

Join now!

friday 19/11/2010

Update: We're still looking for players to join the event.
Th prizes are good, but they certainly will become better thats for sure!

Deck format : type 1
clan only bangers
leader allowed
semi evo allowed

Oh my soul! Sorry Iceberg, will you please post it on the correct forum. My bad smiley

Prize Update

1st ~ Terry Cr 0exp Donated by Lost_YDG
2nd ~ Rubie Donated by --Lu Bu--
3rd ~ Lehane Donated by Lost_YDG
4th ~ Chiro donated by --Lu Bu--
5th ~ Glenn Donated by --Lu Bu--
6th ~ Buba Donated by --Lu Bu--
7th ~ Massiv Donated by --Lu Bu--
8th ~ K Cube Donated by Lost_YDG
Everyone will get a Bob Joby just for playing

thursday 18/11/2010

Hi everyone hope i could win. im trying my luck here

The title says it all smiley everyone is invited to join, even if ur not interested in joining TraitorzZz smiley

wednesday 17/11/2010

One new judge, linked in the event, and the event starts today! Thanks all who joined!

Bump, join people

monday 15/11/2010

Yes indeed but imagine Miss Beetenka or miss Jackie...
Show some mercy man.smiley

Remeber to always go in players waiting to be accepted when still didn't start the event, as the new candidates for your event will apear here

Scoring rules):
-win (normal): how many points a player earns if wins
-timed out win: how many points a player earns if the opponent has timed out
-default win: this joins both options above, no need to set the others if you set this one
-draw: how many points both players get on a draw
-defeat (normal): how many points a player get if loses a match
-the player timed out: how many points a player get if timed out
-the player withdrew: how many points a player gets by surrender
-extra: the opponent is KO's: how many points a player gets if KO's the oponent (these are added to the win/draw points)
-extra: the player is KO'd: how many points a player gets if gets KO'd (these are added to the lose/draw points)

sunday 14/11/2010


friday 12/11/2010

Poor mans event so players of all levels can play keep decks under 6k

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