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wednesday 13/12/2017

Thank you all for playing!

- Please PM me for your prizes, anyone that has only scored day 1 will not be able to obtain a prize.
- The Collector Lottery Results will be back for Christmas for a result and game!

The event will now close, anyone that does end up getting there prizes late will be issued a compensation!

Please allow up to 72 Hours from the date & time you claimed via-PM.

Thanks everyone for playing.

Stay tuned for another game!

friday 08/12/2017

Ohhh, I am eager to find out smiley

tuesday 05/12/2017

Nice, already thought it would be a 2* because you mentioned 'whole' evolutionary line.
When you said uranus was the second most, I thought it needs to be a popular low * DR.
So it was Arno or Pegh, Arno was already chosen.
I was just lucky tho, thx for the Peghs smiley

monday 04/12/2017

If anyone can guess what character I have the most copies of, I'll send them the whole evolutionary line.

No double posting, one every 20~ minutes or so

sunday 03/12/2017

I guess not enough people joined.

You win 25k. private sale me your cheapest common for 25k and Ill purchase it.

friday 01/12/2017

@0 Gladiatore

You need to be way more specific in your description here.

-Who can join?
Levels, languages, specific countries or guilds
-How many can join?
Is there an entry fee?
-What rules are there that may be different than the regular game?
-Is there a deck format?
-When does it start?
-How many matches per player?

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thursday 30/11/2017

Final Update: I was able to giveaway 600k+ ctz, thank you everyone for participating.

Turgoyak wins! His joke was very inappropriate, it was deleted by staff, luckily I was still able to read it. Please wait for my PM @Turgoyak.

sunday 26/11/2017

Do social media accounts like bebo, snapchat, tinder count as well?

The ones who voted batman won

wednesday 22/11/2017

Awesome! Thank you Gamma for hosting this smiley

tuesday 21/11/2017

Thank you for this event smiley

monday 20/11/2017

Hey thank you for this event ! I wish i can win smthing smiley

sunday 12/11/2017


I don't know if you missed Deathmatch, but I did. In this event you will be able to recapitulate the brutality of Deathmatch. If you are a new player, don't worry, I explain how it works in the full event description.
Type 2, Type 1 and maybe even Type Standard!

Prizes in each Deathmatch:

1st) 10k card/clintz
2nd) 6k card/clintz
3rd) 4k card/clintz

5xDM won: 15k card/clintz
10xDM won: 20k card/clintz
15xDM won: 25k card/clintz

Read the rules!


saturday 11/11/2017

This giveaway is now closed! Look forward for more smiley

friday 10/11/2017

Okay, the winning numbers are: -

113 - Slaughterous (Chel)
137 - ) Yellow TiNT (Willy)
102 - _Mad (Lara Hate)
48 - -Baiken- (Xingshu)
53 - Alohaboomerang (El Divino)

Congrats to the winners!!! and thank you all for participating

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