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monday 24/02/2020

Honestly, all but the 4* art are very good! I'm glad we can play her at lower levels to enjoy the work of Madchewi.

saturday 22/02/2020

Or the idea of karl

friday 21/02/2020

I know.
I just wanted him to find out for himself. smiley

And it looks like he did, because there is no answer from him.

@Anderson: Even ten years ago there were some patterns on how they picked those cards. smiley Guesswork was always fun.
And yes, there just was a mission with "gain lifepoints with Jungo" and believe it or not... some people played Kreen,
At the same time there was this event where you could meet the latest Pussycat card and because of its ability, a lot SOA was played. Therefore Kreen really made sense.

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thursday 20/02/2020

Bot challenged me in arcade mode yesterday, weird. I got a rare card with the ticket so it was pretty anticlimactic

saturday 15/02/2020

hot logo UR 68 messages

I bought him for 1.8 thinking he wouldn’t drop below 2. Rip

wednesday 12/02/2020

Pandemos would actually work since it's -6 Cards Power, meaning he would be an 8/8 with SoB that makes sure his opponent won't have more than 8 power. He's still vulnerable to Attack and Dam. Modif. and you can reduce his Power lower than 8.
That's not that OP, but if you take away his ability, he becomes a 12/8 SoB and that's when he would stomp 99% of all cards. The problem here is that your opponent would have to use his SoA or Cancel Pow. Modif. card and when facing Gheist or Roots, his bonus would deactivate their bonus, so you would barely see him reaching his 12 power.
I think he would be perfectly balanced without any chances, but i can't see having a card a base power of 12, because that would open up a whole new wave of power creep.

tuesday 11/02/2020

logo UR 11 messages

More likely they'd just nerf the semi-evo. That's what happened to Khann

sunday 09/02/2020

Akrakk is coming tomorrow already. They just announced it on instagram.


wednesday 05/02/2020

Instagram q&a just confirmed hat Akrakk is coming "quiet soon". And yes, he killed Cannibal Jo. The "throne of bones/skulls" or whatever they mentioned is the proof.

Why does UR suddenly need to log in through FB????

thursday 30/01/2020

The price instability nowadays makes it extremely difficult to predict and gain profit smiley

So far i've lost nearly 2000 crypto at the terminus smileysmiley

man I am bad at this game

wednesday 29/01/2020


"scared of title", "mastermind brain"
Don't know what your problem is @batdut.
I didn't offend you. I tried to answer your question and came to the (pretty much the same) conclusion, that they are nearly no buyers available. Even in this small and theoretical breakdown there is only a handful (or two), at best, that goes for full evo collection + doesn't care about clintz then.
Like AaaBattery says, there will be a point when everything else is done and only those Memento evos are missing.
And yes. 35kk is al ot of clintz. Just like 15kk was a lot of clintz for Korr. Or those to pussycat MTs... They were actually bought on the market for >20kk.
So thinking of the inflation that occured during the last few years that's well possible, that there will be some buyers.

Concerning you're "pretty sure" explanation....
There is even a mission called "World Class Trader IV"
Spend 250 000 000 Clintz
190 627 329/250 000 000
This is surely from buying a lot of low priced cards...

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I don't understand why they give Riots this type of common card and then go and give Roots a virtual 6/4. At least make her hit harder with 5 damage.

monday 27/01/2020

What happened to Phalloide anyway? She used to manage the art direction at UR to my memory.

friday 24/01/2020

We're still waiting for the credits return on the comics, that's right!
Hope it comes soon. I just spent a lot of creds on Titanium before realizing NB would have been a much better idea. lol

thursday 23/01/2020

Guys, vote and ban #Ongh Cr from EFC smiley

Yep watching the evos of little Bryan to big Bryan is what drew me in
Been playing it ever since. Can't even imagine how long it will take for a newb to collect all these cards smiley

You should leave available the normal Survivor, not everyone we want to play EFC mode... smiley

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